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Location, Location, Location: Factoring It into New Home Construction

You’ve got a perfect picture in your head of the features you’d like to see come to life as you build your home. But what if the location you’ve chosen to build it on cannot accommodate all of your new home design hopes and dreams?

It’s important that you plan carefully and choose a site where your vision can be realized. However, it’s just as important that you can adapt to your circumstances. Sometimes, you have to let go of some of your ideas, but the layout of your site may lead to an even more unique, fun construction and design plan. Find out more below.

Searching for the Site

When you are searching for the perfect lot to build a home on, consider all possible factors that affect the build and your living conditions, including the following.

  • Size: Obviously, the size of a lot has a major impact on how big of a home you can build. Have a plan in place so that you know exactly what the minimum lot size is for your new construction.
  • Traffic: Do you plan to build in an area near busy streets or by a major landmark that draws large crowds? Keep in mind that you’ll be living here for the next several years, so make sure it’s in an area you’re happy to be in, day and night.
  • Nearby landmarks: Are you close enough to grocery stores, gas stations, etc.?
  • Topography: Sloping topography, high water tables, and problem soils can all have an effect on the build, and you may have to adapt the construction around such features.

Adapting to Circumstances

There is a high chance that there will be some unexpected circumstances you must adjust to with your new home design. Maybe the lot size is smaller than you were hoping for, or maybe local laws prevent you from building as high as you’d hoped. So adapt!

No room to build out? Build up! Sloping land in the way of building? Try extending a deck out in this direction instead. It’s better to have a design that works with the space you’re in than to stubbornly build in a way that does not mesh with the space you have.

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