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Lighting Ideas for a Kitchen

couple-in-modern-kitchenPeople are more aware today of the importance of lighting in a room as part of the space’s functionality. For example, the way your kitchen is lit affects the mood of the people in it, but also helps with how the space is used. However, homeowners who are remodeling their kitchen often overlook the importance of the lighting. They focus instead on countertops, cabinets, new fixtures, and flooring. Those are all major parts of a remodeling, but the lighting deserves equal attention.

If you’ve thought about making changes to your kitchen, but haven’t given attention to the lighting or simply decided to keep the current lighting, we’d like to share some ideas with about how you can improve your upcoming remodel with lighting.

Recessed lighting

You may look at your current kitchen space and find that it feels a bit cramped, but you’re not sure why. Look at the ceiling lights: do you have too many hanging fixtures in the space? This may be the source of the pinched sensation. Recessed lighting is a great way to have an ambient light layer that spreads the light over a wide space but without a cumbersome fixture hanging down into the space.

Track lighting

One drawback of recessed lighting is that they’re permanent. It’s not easy to change your mind about their placement! If you’re looking for a more flexible choice for lighting, you might consider track lighting, which offers most of the benefits of recessed lighting and without the drawbacks. They do have their own disadvantages, however, such as higher energy consumption and shadowing effects.


On the other hand, maybe you feel the current kitchen seems too bare, and you’d enjoy a classy fixture in the middle to provide the ambient light. People often don’t think of chandeliers as kitchen décor, but with higher ceilings and tasteful designs, a chandelier can be a fantastic enhancement to the room—especially if the kitchen is often used as a social gathering space as well as a food preparation one.

Other pendant lights

Chandeliers aren’t the only option when it comes to hanging lights for a kitchen. Pendant lights are good options for kitchen islands (are you thinking of adding one during the remodel?) and over dining areas.

Under cabinet lighting

For the accent lighting allowing you to use the kitchen space effectively, under cabinet lighting gives you the close lighting you need without intrusive fixtures. There are excellent options today for these lights, such as LED strips that don’t add extra heat and won’t shine directly into anyone’s eyes.

Toekick lights

Toekick lights are lights installed under base cabinets that light up the floor. These are helpful if you often use the kitchen a night, and they add wonderful ambiance.

These are only some of the lighting concepts for remodeling a kitchen. When you call us for professional kitchen remodeling services Los Angeles, CA, we can provide you with many more, and we’ll guide you toward the best new lighting for a more attractive and useful kitchen.

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