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Lighting Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom-brightThe home remodeling project that often gets the most attention when it comes to a lighting redesign is the kitchen. This makes sense: a kitchen is a place where complex tasks for cooking are done, and it also serves as a social hub for families as well as during gatherings and parties.

Is lighting as important for a bathroom remodel? It is! Bathrooms usually only contain one person at a time (or two in the case of larger couple bathrooms), but that doesn’t mean they don’t need effective and attractive lighting. When you are thinking about working with a contractor in Beverly Hills, CA to do an extensive bathroom remodel, look into innovative ways for improved lighting. Our designers can provide you with many ideas to lighten up the room.

Toekick lighting

Toekick lights are lights places under cabinets on the floor to illuminate a small area of the floor. Toekick lighting provides a footpath for navigating the bathroom without turning on the more powerful overheat lights. This is excellent going to the bathroom in the evening and not blinding yourself, or to avoid waking someone else in the bedroom.

Backlit mirror

You don’t need a single harsh light above glaring down on the mirror. The designer can wrap lights around the backside of the mirror, which creates an attractive halo in the mirror. Much like toekick lighting, this allow for minimal lighting in cases where you don’t want the full bathroom lights turned on.

Light the vanity from different directions

Speaking of that single light glaring down on the mirror … This sort of harsh lighting onto the vanity creates shadows that may make it harder to use the mirror. You may wish a design that uses side lights beside the mirror to create a cross-illumination that wipes away unpleasant facial shadows.

Mix the types of lighting

There are different types of lighting that can be at work in a bathroom (or any space). There’s ambient lighting meant to diffuse throughout the space. Task lighting is there to help with specific job, such as the lights on the vanity or over the shower/tub. Accent lighting highlights a specific object or place, usually for aesthetic reasons. And decorative light is sort of like putting up holiday lights: it’s not for any purpose except to look nice. Leaving a bathroom to the mercy of just task lighting—which old bathrooms often have—can make for a stark experience. Mix up the different type of lights to create a space that is useful and attractive. You certainly don’t need decorative lights, but if you think a band of lights around the top of the shower looks neat, you should have it!

Finding the ideal color temperature

Color temperatures of light range from cool to hot. The right bathroom lighting not only works well with the bathroom décor, but also look organic to the rest of the house.

Our team of designers and builders work on all stages of a remodeling project, so we can help you enjoy the right new lighting for your bathroom.

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