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Lighten Up Your Dark and Dismal Old Kitchen

kitchen-remodel-classic-stainless-steelThere is probably no spot in a house that dates faster and becomes more tired-looking than the kitchen. This is only partially due to changes in trends in interior design. After all, there are some classic appearances that can continue to dazzle the eye for decades—provided they have some additional touch-ups here and there.

The reason a kitchen may seem to lag behind is because it’s often central to a home, open to multiple rooms, and therefore the location of house that may seem go out-of-date the quickest. Take, for example, the title luring you to read this post: a kitchen that seems darker and drabber than the rest of the zippy interior you like in your home. It might be too crowded, suffer from darker materials, or have gloomy lighting.

If you currently are feeling in a blue funk from your morose kitchen, then it’s time for you to schedule kitchen remodeling in Beverly Hills, CA with us. We offer every size of remodel, and our design/build process means all parts of the remodel are under one roof, so there’s no pesky dealing with subcontractors or confusion between different groups when it comes to realizing a dream kitchen.

How Can We Brighten Your Kitchen? Let Us Count the Ways…

Actually, we won’t count them, because there are too many! Each kitchen is a unique project, and each owner a unique person with a vision of what makes for a happy, more inviting kitchen space—whether just for cooking or for entertaining. We can list off some of the best ideas for making your kitchen a warm, glowing place again:

  • Slice off the peninsula, create an island: The island kitchen design is popular now, and we expect it to be popular for a long time. You’ll understand why when you see what happens when you get rid of the peninsula counter and instead create an island in the middle of the kitchen. Immediately, the room is more open to the space around it, people can more easily negotiate, and the spot turns more attractive to visitors. (Kids will like doing their homework in a well-lit kitchen island. Okay, no guarantees on that—but it can help!)
  • Re-do cabinets and countertops: One of the first changes homeowners like to see to a kitchen space is new surfaces all around it. A gray laminated counter becomes something stunning if changed to lighter-colored tiles. Dark oak wood cabinets come alive when replaced with lighter wood—and you can have the cabinets reach up to the ceiling to make the kitchen space feel taller than before. There are numerous choices for new cabinets and countertops, and it’s easy to find one that fits your budget.
  • Better lighting: You might think you have sufficient lighting to do the work you need in your kitchen. But harsh lights contribute to the sensation of a dark space because of all the shadows. Diffuse lighting gives a sense of more room, and it does wonders with new surfaces. More attractive and less obtrusive fixtures for the lights can also make an enormous difference.

Advanced Builders & Contractors has served the Los Angeles Area for more than 14 years. Request an estimate today for your kitchen remodel.

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