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Kitchen Remodeling Trends: Beyond Stainless Steel Appliances

kitchen-remodel-classic-stainless-steelFor years, stainless steel appliances have been a go-to choice for kitchens, adding a feeling of modernity, cleanliness, and sleek style. But the trends are changing, and this may soon be replaced as the norm in kitchen design. More and more, as we work with homeowners on kitchen remodels, they’re seeking out bright colors or original finishes that make their kitchen shine. Alternative metal and earthy finishes may become the new standby in refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, but only time will tell.

Learn more about these changing trends below. Call the contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors for kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles, CA.

Adding Eye-Popping Colors

Homeowners love having the option of choosing from custom colors that make the kitchen their own. Many companies offer unique options like bright red and cobalt blue. While you can always add accent colors with backsplash tiles, every kitchen needs appliance. Why not make them stand out?

Choosing from a Selection of Metal Finishes

Stainless steel is only one of many metal finishes that can give your kitchen the sleek stylish look you’re after. You can choose from a selection of metal finishes that may better compliment your design vision. For example, Whirlpool recently projected its Sunset Bronze as the next big kitchen appliance trend. This could be perfect for a hint of art deco, or to draw attention to gold and yellow accents in the décor. Black stainless is also gaining ground, but you can compare all of the options from the manufacturer.

Hiding the Appliances

Designers drifting toward a farmhouse theme often want to downplay the appearance of appliances. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to hide them altogether. Often, refrigerators are hidden behind pantry or cabinet doors. Of course, there are limitation on this for ovens (for some obvious safety reasons), but you can keep it largely hidden from view by keeping it low down to the ground or on the backside of a kitchen island.

Throwing It Back to a Classic Black and White

black_white_kitchenWe’ve had more and more homeowners returning to the black and white kitchen look that never goes out of style. Check out one of our recent kitchen remodels to the right, where black appliances make an appearance in a white kitchen to create a truly classic look.

Saluting Mother Earth

Earthy tones and finishes are in now too, including slate finishes. Slate is smudge-proof, and you can find it from manufacturers like GE in nearly any appliance, including dishwashers and vent hoods. It’s a stone-inspired look that fits into a kitchen with natural tones or one that hopes to inspire healthy choices.

Pulling Off Retro Design

Nostalgia is in, folks. Retro refrigerators and oven ranges are no longer limited to antique stores either. Buying used appliances means poor performance and inefficiency, but manufacturers are answering the call for a throwback. You can find retro design with an ENERGY STAR rating from some of the top brands in kitchen design!

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