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Kitchen Remodeling: Some Basics to Know

kitchen-new-remodelIf you’ve come to our site, you’re probably looking for a company to handle a major remodeling project for your home. And that often means a kitchen remodel. This is one of the most popular types residential remodeling jobs. Kitchens are central to most homes, everyone in the household uses them, and they can significantly raise the value of a house.

But a kitchen remodel is a large affair, and that’s why you want to have an experienced design/build contractor like us to handle the job from start to finish, with architects and builders working to see that you receive the final results you want.

There are a number of basics to know before you undertake a kitchen remodel in Beverly Hills, CA. Here are the main ones.

What are your main goals for the remodel?

You may have the idea to remodel the kitchen, but it helps to focus on your specific goals. This will make the work with the contractor easier, since you’ll help the contractor provide you with what you really want. So—what do you really want?

  • Update the kitchen to help people in your household who have mobility issues.
  • Expand out cabinetry space for more storage.
  • Raise the value of your house if you intend to sell it in the next few years
  • Make the kitchen easier to navigate and more convenient
  • Create a more aesthetically appealing space with new countertops, etc.

You probably have more than one reason. That’s fine. List them out, then number them by importance. You’ll start to see what’s key for you—and this makes planning and working with a contractor easier and more expedient.

What is your remodeling budget?

What is your budget? And how much do you think you can earn back with the increase in the value of your house? We recommend that you start by having a credit check, then survey the real estate listing in your area to get an idea of the current worth of your home. Then consider the condition of your kitchen now and how much a difference it will make in home value if it’s remodeled. (The older the kitchen, the more value you gain from a remodel.) Even if increasing the value of your home isn’t your top priority, it will help you know how much money to allocate to the kitchen remodel, and whether you want a full remodel or a limited one (such as just doing a cabinetry replace).

Do you have a trustworthy contractor?

It’s vital that you know your contractor will be honest with you, and that the contractor can get the job done that’s promised. Do research into other clients to see if they’re satisfied with the work that was done. Ask to see their credentials. Any contractor worth hiring will be upfront with you about their history and their credentials.

The good news about this last consideration is that you’ve already found one of the best building and remodeling contractors in the Los Angeles area! We don’t charge for an initial consultation in our design center, so call us for an appointment today.

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