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Kitchen Remodel Question: Is an Island or a Peninsula Better?

kitchen-farmhouse-sinkThe title of this post may make it sound as if we’re asking a question about geography. But when people choose to make a major redesign for their kitchen, one of the choices they’ll face is whether to change the layout to make use of a kitchen island or a kitchen peninsula.

It’s an important choice, because it will affect almost everything that occurs in the kitchen space: where appliances are located, how work flows in the space, how best the area can be used for entertaining, general appearance, etc.

We’re going to dive a bit more into the question, although you should know from the beginning that there’s no correct answer for all circumstances. You’ll want to work with our professionals to ensure you have the best kitchen remodel in Encino, CA.

The Appeal of the Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a popular trend in modern kitchen designs, and it’s the reason the debate comes up in the first place. People often want a kitchen island and focus on it above other concerns.

But why this interest? Well, the island is a great idea if the space is available because it creates far more counter space than other layouts. You can use all sides of the island, making for more room when it comes to cooking, or socializing, or even just letting the kids do homework while you take care of other tasks. It creates more available space for extra appliances. It’s a versatile design, and the options for lighting it also allow more opportunities for creative expression with the kitchen design.

But There Is a Catch…

As we mentioned, an island is a great idea with the space available. And that may not be the case, especially if you are working with a small kitchen and looking for ways to expand how much space you have available. The island may simply not be a luxury you can afford given the area you have to work with.

Something to think about when it comes to an island is if placing one in a new kitchen will interrupt the work triangle—the configuration that’s essential for the kitchen to be an efficient space to work in. If fitting in an island means chopping right through the work triangle, it may not be the ideal choice.

The Peninsula Offers Another Method

A peninsula is almost exactly what it sounds like: almost an island, but connected at one side rather than open on all four sides. It’s a kitchen extension, not a free-standing unit. The peninsula offers many of the same benefits as an island—increased counter space, more area for appliances—with a bit of a trade-off in flow. However, the peninsula is easier to fit into a smaller space, providing island benefits without having to sacrifice what small area you have available.

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Kitchen

Our team of designers and builders will help make the process of kitchen remodeling as smooth as possible for you. Talk to our team today and we’ll help you discover the best path forward for a fantastic new heart of your house.

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