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No Kitchen Is an Island—But an Island Kitchen Can Be Great!

black_white_kitchenWhat are the biggest trends in kitchen designs? Many trends come and go, but one we can say for certain that’s popular now and will probably remain so for many years is the kitchen island. The peninsular kitchen design has fallen out of favor, and those peninsulas have broken themselves off to become islands. And there are many good reasons kitchen islands have become such popular options, both for new homes and for remodeling.

Are you currently considering kitchen remodeling in Encino, CA for your home? If so, then there’s a good chance you’ve already thought about having an island put in if there wasn’t one before. Of course, you can choose whatever kitchen design you want when you work with a contractor, and they’ll help guide you toward the best ideas. Below are a few reasons why an island might be one the best design choices to make.

Extra storage

And island has four sides to allow for extra cabinetry and easy access to them. They can also be constructed with overhead racks to add even more space. If it’s always seemed like you didn’t have enough storage to suit you, an island may be the solution.

Make your kitchen into a social center and multi-use space

An island makes a kitchen generally more inviting to the rest of the house, especially if there is seating around it and your house has an open design concept where the kitchen connects into the areas nearby. You’ll find children will often gather there (such as to do homework while you prepare meals), as we’ll as people at parties and other gatherings. If you’d like to expand out the socializing areas in your house, an island is a great way to do it.

More surface area

An island allows the most surface area for when it comes to kitchen improvements. You can have the range located in the island, which frees up counter space in the rest of the kitchen. Or you can reserve the island for other uses. This is another excellent social use for the kitchen, where you can layout food or beverages during parties for easy access, leaving other areas in the house free.

Islands are customizable

An island can house a range and a stove, or it can be multi-leveled for easier access for people in your household. You can have a wine refrigerator installed. An island can be part of a project to make the home in general easier for people with mobility issues.  And you can have the island built out of whatever materials you think will best compliment the rest of the kitchen—it’s one of the most flexible elements you can have for a remodel.

When you work with us, we’ll see you have the best kitchen island design. Is extra seating your priority? Accessibility? Additional storage? Easy use for children? Or extra amenities and new appliances? Trust us and you’ll have the best possible results.

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