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Kitchen Design Trends to Start Planning for in 2022

You spend most of your time in the kitchen, whether you’re preparing family meals, hosting dinner parties or just hanging out with friends. Therefore, having a functional and beautiful space is essential. Here are some design trends to look out for in 2022.

1. Keeping It Simple

Minimalism, in which designers use less furniture and focus on essential items, creates an open and airy atmosphere. Investing in smart technology allows for more cordless and voice-activated appliances. You can then control multiple devices from your phone, reducing clutter.

Clean lines, neat surfaces, and neutral or light colors are all features of a minimalist style. The first step in creating this look is increasing your storage space by hiding small appliances or decorative bowls. Then, paint your wall a calming tone, like white or gray. A chrome faucet and plain, solid-colored cabinet knobs make for a great finishing touch.

2. Going Bold With Paint Colors

Natural tones have their place, but adding color can help liven things up. You can add pops of color to your walls or kitchen cabinets. Earth tones, such as navy blues and greens, can have a soothing effect. If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated look, try black cabinets.

If you want to add more character to your walls, use purple, deep red or peach. You can also create an accent wall by painting it a different color. It can make for a unique focal point.

3. Mixing Different Textures

Mixing is a great way to personalize your kitchen. Use cool and warm tones in metallics, woods and paint. For example, green cabinets with golden fixtures are a beautiful combination. You can also incorporate different textures, such as stones and metal. Try a brick backsplash with a marble countertop.

Place sharp angles and organic curves next to each other. You can even blur the kitchen and living room lines by adding comfy chairs to the corner.

 4. Creating Layers

You can layer textures, patterns or lighting. To do this, start with one design and vary it in different areas of the room or change up the color. When layering your lights, have a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting.

You can create layering through colorful rugs or window treatments as well. Remember to start with the main color scheme, so everything matches. Consider using popular interior hues like greens or blues for your base.

5. Installing an Island

Islands are prominent features in many homes. They give you more space to eat and entertain. You can make yours stand out by painting it a different color than your cabinets and adding a pendant light above the feature.

Another popular trend is to have a double island. Place a bar-style version on the outside edge of the room and a task-oriented one in the middle. Once the island is installed, spruce it up by surrounding it with a brick backsplash. You can also add some fun chairs to make the feature more functional.

 6. Avoiding Cabinet Knobs

To go along with the minimalist trend, remove some of your decorative knobs. Having flat front cabinets can enhance this simple style. Keep in mind shiny pulls take away attention from the beautiful wooden material.

However, you can still update the cabinets themselves. Consider having two-tone cupboards, which improve the aesthetic appeal and increase resale value. Cream and green work well together. Whatever color you decide, use the darker hue on the bottom.

 7. Adding Dark Oak and Walnut Textures

Oak and walnut have finer lines and that classic wooden appearance. Using them in your design can bring in natural elements and create a relaxing space. Walnut has a deep color that blends well with neutral color palettes. Dark stained oak adds a gray color that matches perfectly with the minimalist trends.

Consider installing some walnut or oak cabinets to enhance your kitchen. You can also use these materials in your flooring or breakfast table.

8. Incorporating Natural Elements

Bringing in elements from nature is a popular interior design trend. They can create a relaxing space to destress and allow you to add more colorful decorations.

Consider using materials such as stone, cement and wood for your kitchen structures.

Add cement countertops and wooden cabinets, and bring in some wooden chairs and house plants. In addition, you can incorporate a brick backsplash.

9. Designing With a Glazed Tile Backsplash

Tile backsplashes are a popular choice for homeowners. However, there is a trend toward having a more glossy finish to reflect light and make the space feel more open. Consider using earthy tones, like blues or greens, for a beautiful look. You can also go classic and stick with white tiles.

Whatever color you choose, consider porcelain or ceramic for its water-resistant properties. You can also add some character with subway or mosaic-style tiles.

10. Appropriating Vintage and Antique Items

Antique items can make a home feel more personalized and unique, and farmhouse kitchen furniture creates a rustic and cozy atmosphere. Look for tables or dressers at vintage fairs and antique shops.

You can also add vintage lighting, like older chandeliers, or use an antique black table as a kitchen island. Another way to add older items is through your decorations, such as old rugs or historical artwork.

11. Using Glass Partitions

Having separate spaces is necessary as more people work from home. Using glass partitions allows you to see the kitchen from other rooms, giving the area an open feel. The glass surface also reflects light, making the room appear larger. Plus, the wall prevents cooking odors from spreading to the rest of the house.

12. Having Metal Hoods

These features create a stunning and eye-catching focal point and interrupt the smooth lines formed by the cabinets. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, metal hoods are durable and easy to clean.

Best Design Trends to Add to Your Kitchen

Remodeling projects are a great way to improve the function and value of your space. Since you spend a good portion of the day in your kitchen, you want it to feel comfortable and cozy. Keep these design trends in mind for your next renovation project.

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