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Is It Really the Right Time to Remodel?

We help homeowners remodel all or part of their home into something that makes daily life more practical, fun, and beautiful. But first, they’ve got a big decision to make: is it really the right time for me to remodel?

Oftentimes, we tell our customers, “What better time than now?” But to give you a better idea of whether it is truly the right choice for you right now, we’ll give you some ideas about when it may be a good time for a change.

If you’ve thought about moving

If you’ve had thoughts about leaving your home for good, rethink for a moment. Can the parts of your home you’re unhappy with be changed?

The amount of time it takes to buy a new home and sell an old one is often longer than the amount of time it takes to renovate. And if there are parts of your home you adore—if it still has charm or you love the location—moving may not be ideal right now.

In any case, remodeling your home should improve its resale value. If you make smart choices during a remodel and still decide to sell a few years later, the ROI could easily be worth it.

If the kitchen or bathroom are not practical

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are the most common renovation jobs contractors take on—and that makes sense. These are areas of your home that should be just how you want them: organized, easy-to-clean, spacious, and stylish.

If you have trouble finding objects, if you absolutely hate your tub or shower, or if your kitchen just doesn’t have enough counter space, it may be time for a change.

When it’s not time to remodel

Of course, there are times when remodeling does not make so much sense. If you don’t have the money for a professional remodel right now, save up for future renovations, and make small changes (like touching up paint or changing hardware on cabinets) right now. An amateur renovation can go wrong, and it’s not worth it to risk sloppy work that you’ll have to live with.

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