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Is There a Difference Between “Remodeling” and “Renovating”?

question-mark-badgeToday we’re going to get into basic definitions about what we do for our clients. We offer a wide range of construction services to Calabasas, CA and throughout the Los Angeles Area, from hillside construction projects to room additions. We offer many ways to remodel and renovate existing homes, and you’ll often hear the words remodel and renovate used as synonyms.

There’s not much wrong with occasionally using the terms interchangeably—your professional contractor knows what job they’re doing for you. But renovate and remodel do have different definitions, and we’re going to clarify what they mean. This can help you consider what you want to do for your home and what you want to ask our team to do.


Renovate is derived from the Latin word renovāre, which means “to renew, restore, or revive.” In construction, to renovate means to restore something to a good state of repair. Renovation is undertaken to improve buildings that are dilapidated and in poor condition, often due to age and lack of maintenance. Renovations can be large-scale, such as taking an abandoned home and making it attractive and livable. But renovations can also be small, and in some cases, they come close to being remodels—one of the reasons the two words are often used as synonyms.


Remodel has a simple origin: it means to “model again.” When it comes to construction, it means to change the form or structure of something. This is different than trying to renew something to the state it once was. A remodeling changes the appearance of a room or building, or it can change the form and function. For example, part of a house can be remodeled to turn an old den into a new bedroom. A kitchen can be remodeled so that it has an entirely new layout than it had before, adding an island, a peninsula, or expanding the space.

Remodeling and Renovating Together

These don’t have to be exclusive projects. A dilapidated bathroom in a house can be restored through renovation, but at the same time have its underlying form and appearance changed as well. This combines renovation and remodeling.

What Work Do You Need Done?

At this point, you probably have a better idea what type of project you’re planning on. If you came to this page because you’d like to have a room addition to your house, such as creating a breakfast nook near the kitchen, then you’re looking for a remodeling job. If you’ve purchased a rundown house and want to restore it to what it once was, then you’re looking for a renovation job.

Chances are that you’re looking for a bit of both. All you have to do is call our offices and request an estimate, and we can help clarify the type of work. We’ll ensure you have the job necessary for the best return on your investment. Our team handles all steps of remodels and renovations, from the earliest planning to finishing with electrical systems and plumbing—we know exactly how to budget and plan projects so our clients will see what they’ll get and what it will cost.

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