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Interior Decor 101: How to Stage a Luxurious Showroom

Photo from Pexels

When designing a showroom, there are several ways to draw in potential prospects. The goal is to get the home buyers to visualize themselves in the space and feel at home. Take care to make the showroom space open, bright, warm, clean, and inviting. Here are some interior design tips to help you stage a luxurious showroom.

Make Sure the Space is Spotlessly Clean

Design the space with cleaning ease in mind. Consider investing in a robot vacuum and laying out the space so that the robot can efficiently go through the space with little risk of getting stuck or trapped.

Put rugs with plenty of loft and grab at front entrances that come directly off the street. Hire a cleaning crew to keep dust to a minimum throughout the space and consider using a vaporizer, humidifier, or diffuser to keep the air fresh.

Highlight Single Colors

Too much color, even in a single vase of flowers, can look like clutter. Avoid this by sticking with just one color of flowers and one tone of greenery. Invest in a single arrangement of white peonies and use a faux magnolia garland on a dining table, coffee table, door, or shelf.

Choose your showroom plants carefully. Bamboo can really be lovely, but the early growth can often be a shocking green that may be jarring in some settings. Any plant that regularly browns at the leaf edges will need to be regularly monitored to make sure it’s looking healthy and fresh.

If you love live greenery to freshen the air, use a simple white milk glass bowl to grow lemon seeds or herbs in a window. Another option is to grow fresh mint in a pot and offer iced tea to your guests; a single leaf of fresh mint can turn plain tea into an elegant treat. For those who love visual variety in their displays, use many different tones of green but just one color for your flowers.

Use Indirect Lighting

Lighting is key. Lighting can make a space feel brighter, bigger, and warmer. It sets the tone and mood. Indirect lighting will make it much easier to brighten your showroom without creating harsh shadows or glare that inadvertently cause prospects to look away.

If possible, hide light sources behind

  • frosted panels
  • paper shades
  • stained glass pieces

As a final touch, use solar lighting in your space or sun lamps for your plants. Going green is great for the planet and will increase its value.

Keep Colors Subtle

While the minimalist trend seems to be fading, there are still plenty of prospects who love the idea of a very simple color palette. Use wallpaper and tile combinations that are easy on the eye unless you are selling bold accent pieces.

Additionally, you will want to keep textures and surfaces soft to the eye. For example, for the living room furniture, soften the sheen of a leather sofa with a velvety throw in a rich color, then build the remaining color palette around paler tones of that rich throw. Microsuede cushions will also add visual softness to wooden arms on chairs.

Upon entering your showroom, make sure that prospects have an easy path and place decor that is in their line of sight. Take on the role of the prospect and pretend like you’re seeing the space for the first time. Take note of what is opening the space and what is creating clutter and make adjustments. Always put yourself in the shoes of your prospect to help you think of ways to create a better experience for them.

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