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Important Masonry Services

The hardscape of your home—which includes the pavings, outside walls, driveways, and anything with concrete—is an essential part of how your house appears. It also protects it and maintains its property value. Unlike landscaping, which some homeowners like to do as a hobbyist activity, hardscaping requires masonry work that calls for highly trained professionals.

When you need a builder in Los Angeles, CA to handle the masonry work around your home—whether as an enhancement, remodel, or repair—look to experience: call Advanced Builders & Contractors. We have served the Los Angeles metro area for over 26 years with quality work for homes inside and out.

Masonry services you may need:

  • New grade beams:

    Earthquake protection is crucial for a home in Southern California; to help shore up a home’s foundation, builders install grade beams. This foundation system made of a long concrete beam with steel rebar reinforcements prevent damage from occurring because if the soil doesn’t offer sufficient support. A grade beam distributes load from a bearing wall and into pile caps or caissons instead of directly into the ground. If you live in an older home, you may need to have grade beams retro-fit as part of a renovation.

  • Retaining wall construction:

    If you need more space on your property, installing retaining walls to push back soil and hold it is a good solution. This work needs special engineering knowledge as well as masonry skill so the finished wall can handle the pressure of the earth and drain rain water properly. Retaining walls can also be part of a redesign of your backyard; with the right designers on the job, a retaining wall can integrate into your plans for the new look of the yard.

  • Driveway paving:

    No other hardscape surface around your home endures as much stress as the driveway. If a driveway starts to crack apart due to years of use or ground shifting, you may need to have a new driveway laid in. This doesn’t have to be as utilitarian as it sounds: excellent concrete contractors offer a variety of materials and stamped concrete pourings that can make a new driveway an attractive addition to your home.

Masonry services covers everything from new construction to remodeling to repairs. If you need a company that can handle a variety of hardscaping services, contact Advanced Builders & Contractors. We offer design, concrete pouring, concrete installation, and almost any service you need from a Los Angeles, CA builder to care for your home’s hardscaping.

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