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Important Factors in a Bathroom Remodel

glass-door-shower-bathroom-remodelRemodeling the bathroom is the most common room remodeling project for homeowners. Even though bathrooms aren’t the most “flashy” of the rooms in a house, they serve a vital function and remodels can make major improvements to standards of living, water usage, and property value.

If you’re currently considering bathroom remodeling in Encino, CA for your house, you may feel overwhelmed at the entire project. The good news is that hiring the right contractor for the job will make everything flow smoothly and remove many of your worries. 

Homeowners often wonder if there are parts of a bathroom remodel they can handle as a DIY project. We don’t recommend this, especially when you can work with our team and have all parts of the remodel done in-house without subcontractors. When you hire us for your bathroom remodel, we take care of each step, from the design and getting permits to the last finishing details. 

A Few Important Factors to Consider for a Bathroom Remodel

You’ve already made the most important choice: hire a quality contractor. Now there are other factors to consider about your new bathroom. 

  • Shower vs. Tub: This is often a major decision, and you may even have made the choice to have a bathroom remodel because you wanted to change from your current shower or tub. You can choose to remove a shower-and-tub combination and put in a walk-in shower, which are popular models and can save space. This will depend on your family, however, if some people still prefer baths. 
  • Toilet Upgrade: The toilet is functional, but choosing the right one will have a big impact on the bathroom—especially if the previous toilet had been in place for more than 20 years. There are low-flow and dual flush toilets that can help reduce water use in the house. The toilet uses more water than any single household appliance, so making the change to a high-efficiency model can significantly lower monthly water use. 
  • Storage: How big a priority is storage space for your new bathroom? If your current bathroom lacks sufficient storage space, this is the time to make changes to allow for more cabinets, under-sink areas, and recessed storage nooks. Your contractor can show you the options available.
  • Layout: You may leave most items in the bathroom where they currently are in relation to each other. Or you may wish to redesign the layout for better mobility and ease of use. (This can be important if you have people in your household with mobility concerns.) Your contractor will be highly useful here since they’ll know how best to provide clearance for objects that will make the bathroom easiest to use.
  • Lighting: Don’t let lighting slip away among all the other considerations. The right lighting can make the bathroom a more inviting place and is also key to ensuring it can be used safely. Talk to your contractor about different lighting choices and how they’ll affect the outcome. 

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