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Ideas for a Garage Conversion

carpenterIn Southern California, the most popular type of room conversion for a house is the garage conversion. This is partially because of the nature of how homes are constructed here: it’s hard to do a basement conversion when almost no houses have basements, and local attics are often too small to make effective living or working areas. Garages, however… California houses often have expansive double garages, and there is plenty a remodel can do to convert a garage into a new living area.

A garage conversion isn’t as simple as moving the car out and putting furniture in! It’s a major remodeling job. When you work with our team of designers and builders for your room conversion or room addition in Hidden Hills, CA, you’ll end up with the results you want. We’ll help you with ideas for realizing a great garage conversion. Below are a number to consider as you think about the first stages of a conversion.

The partial conversion

A garage conversion doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing job, especially if your house has a multi-car garage. You don’t have to completely remove space for parking your vehicles, but instead convert half of the space. A partial conversion may not give you a spacious new bedroom, but it’s an effective way to create a small home office or an entertainment room, such as a small, distraction-free home theater.

The playroom

Is your family getting bigger? Why not convert the garage into a playroom for the kids? There are many benefits to doing this: children love having a place that’s all to themselves for their activities, and adults enjoy having toys and other messes restricted to one part of the house rather than spread around the living room and kitchen.

The lounge

You might consider this the “second living room” option, or the “multi-age playroom.” If your family needs more areas to stretch out to relax and have fun, the garage offers an open area where you can create a perfect lounge.

The guest bedroom

You don’t need a huge garage to create a great guest bedroom. This is one of the most efficient uses of the single garage.

The garage door becomes a window

One of the big choices you’ll face when converting a garage is what to do with the garage door. One option is to change it into a wall—but why not reduce the amount of construction necessary and turn the garage door into a large, beautiful window? This works great if you are looking to make the converted garage into a relaxing lounge area, since it brings in natural light.

The workshop

Are you an artist, or do you have some other space-intensive hobby? A converted garage—especially one with a large window—is a time-honored tradition of many artistic hobbyists. The garage not only offers space, it also effectively separates the workshop from the house, so you can get as messy as you like!

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