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How to Maximize Storage in Your Kitchen

You’re looking for that one special pan to make your omelet perfect, but it’s buried in the back of a cupboard that holds every single one of your pots and pans. You need a new organization system, but where do you start?

Get Rid of the Junk Drawer

Throwing the mail in a junk drawer keeps it out of sight—but that makes you less likely to want to sort through it and get your kitchen organized. As mail builds up, you have to find other places to put it, like on the countertop or in a second drawer.

We recommend getting rid of the junk drawer completely. Throw away what you don’t need, and store items you use elsewhere in the home. Keep a mail organizer on the wall of your entry way, and get in the habit of going through the mail as you check it. It can save you a lot of stress later on!

Invest in Some Drawer and Pantry Organizers

Your local home goods store or hardware store may have drawer and pantry organizers that are easily installed in any space, allowing you to pull out bins or peer into a drawer to find what you need a lot faster. Or, you could get handy and build your own custom drawer sorters.

Use Wall Space

Peg boards are commonly used in pantries or on the walls of kitchens. You simply add in some hooks, and you can hang pots, pans, spatulas, and more. There are plenty of other ways to use the walls for storage too, such as adding in wall shelving.


If you’ve got the budget for it, and you’ve been frustrated with your kitchen storage for a long time, it might be time to remodel. Call a local contractor for an estimate and to get the job done right.

Contact the licensed and insured contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors to remodel your kitchen in West Hollywood, CA.

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