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How to Maintain the Exterior of Your Home

Eagerly awaiting the weekend, your thoughts have been on home projects since Monday. However, if you’ve never maintained one, you may not realize where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help maintain your home’s exterior.

Use a Pressure Washer on the Deck and Siding

Your home’s siding and deck are among its most prominent features. As a result, any changes to them will have a disproportionate impact on its appearance. For us, we’ve always found pressure washing to be the easiest way to clean them. So, try going to a nearby hardware store and asking them to rent one.

Using it to clean off the siding is relatively straightforward, but you must be careful. Otherwise, you could use too much pressure, damaging your home’s exterior. We’d recommend starting on the deck if your home has one. That way, if it’s over-pressurized, you’ll know before damaging anything.

Install a Gutter Guard to Prevent Clogs

If you’re tired of clearing clogs out of the gutters, install a gutter brush guard. Putting them on your gutters isn’t too difficult, and it is effective. They are designed to sit inside the gutter instead of covering it.

Once you’ve put them in there, water still has a clear path through. But, large debris won’t get stuck inside it and it will prevent moss from growing inside them. So, there will be fewer clogs after installing them in your gutters.

Make sure to line your home with them if you’d like to use them. If not, any gutters without them will still get clogged.

Replace Your Grass With Artificial Turf

Most of the time, yard work involves mowing the entire lawn. Spending hours behind a lawnmower isn’t our idea of a productive weekend, though. To stop mowing for good, replace your grass with artificial turf.

This is much simpler to maintain than traditional grass. Plus, once you’ve paid, there’s not much ongoing cost. So, it could actually help reduce how much you’re spending to maintain the home.

Generally, your local hardware store should have some in stock. Ask them what would look the best, considering your home’s appearance. Some artificial turfs will match it better than others.

Upgrade to Fiber Cement Siding

When it’s stormy outside, does your siding end up damaged? If so, then you should consider upgrading to fiber cement siding. It’s much more durable than the typical wooden siding used on modern homes. But, it looks almost identical to the most popular materials used.

By replacing your siding with this, there will be less damage to your home during storms. It’s impact-resistant, meaning debris won’t phase it. So, even strong winds won’t be a reason to panic. If your home has this siding, it’ll withstand them without an issue.

Inspect the Roof for Leaks and Damage

Roof damage can be among the most costly repairs you’ll have as a homeowner. Fortunately, by inspecting it often, major repairs aren’t too common. That’s why it’s a good idea to climb up there and take a look.

If you spot signs of damage, it’s time to hire someone to repair it. Otherwise, any damage left will only get worse with time. At some point, it’ll damage whatever is left of the roof. Then, any time it’s raining, you’ll be at risk of water damage.

Fill In Any Cracks on the Driveway

One more area where homeowners often overlook is the driveway. Does yours have any cracks on it? If it does, then we’d recommend filling them up before they expand.

The longer you wait to fill them, the more damage will be done to the driveway. Taking care of them as soon as possible prolongs your driveway’s lifespan. To fill them, use a little instant cement. Once it sets, it should hold the rest of everything together pretty well.

Maintaining the Exterior of Your Home

Home maintenance is something every homeowner has to manage. If they’re not actively taking care of it, their homes won’t last long. Eventually, they’ll be falling down due to disrepair. So, don’t let that happen to yours. Start taking care of it early, and don’t stop. If you keep up with it, it’s not that bad.

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