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How to Create the Perfect Kitchen Lighting

If you like to cook then you have likely experienced a moment of trying to make your culinary masterpiece only to not have enough light above you to determine if the Blanquette sauce you created is the white it needs to be or is it more of a dull grey?

perfect lighting kitchen

I can’t say enough about having the right kitchen lighting when it comes to not only getting your cooking to come out the way you want it to, but also to ensure that it creates the right atmosphere when actually sitting down to enjoy your meal.

But what do you need to consider in order to create the perfect kitchen lighting for your space? Let’s take a look.

The Size of Your Kitchen

Before you go picking out lights, know the size of your kitchen. Do you have an eat-in kitchen, a small kitchen with barely enough room for a dishwasher and a sink, or is it large and expansive with an island and a few bar stools surrounding it?

These features can make all the difference when selecting the lighting you want. For example, a kitchen that also contains your dining or eating area may call for kitchen pendants, lights that are suspended by a cord or chain from the ceiling, also knowns as a drop or suspender.

If you have a larger kitchen that also contains an island, you may want to consider some kitchen island lighting, for all those moments when you are sitting, eating breakfast there. After all, the island is often the hub of the kitchen, where a lot of activity happens, and you will want the best light you can get.

Know A Light’s Purpose

When researching kitchen lighting ideas, it is always wise to learn the purpose of the different kinds of lights. With respect to creating an atmosphere, such as over your kitchen table, you may want a drop light or a chandelier or some sort, specifically with a dimmer control.

Some people like to have kitchen wall lights, think sconces, which are helpful to use if you happen to have shelving in your kitchen in place of cabinets. They help to provide a spotlight on your special kitchen dishware that you want to put on display.

LED strip lights are useful for lighting up cupboards, underneath cupboards, or even as some extra kitchen sink lighting. These types of light can really help reach those dark corners of your countertops where you keep your cookie jar, pots full of flour, or your jars of rice.

Recessed lighting is your all-purpose light, essentially, it helps to light up your entire kitchen. If you have a kitchen that is on the smaller side, then this may be all that you can fit. However, if you are able to, I suggest having a recessed lighting to help eliminate shadows, but also include one of the other lights mentioned above, if you can.

Do Your Research

Sure, you can look through magazines and see what you like, but some of the best research is done in the field. This may mean checking out your nearest Ikea, Lowes, or other homeware store and see the displays they have.

Feel free to also do some snooping at your friend’s apartments and see what their kitchens look like. Don’t tell them but be critical about what you like and what you do like, what you think works and what you think doesn’t.

Sometimes, you may not even be aware of the different types of lighting out there until you see it firsthand. If none of your friend’s kitchens are doing it for you, why not do some apartment viewing and see what their kitchen lighting ideas reveal.

Get Creative

Kitchen lighting is one of the best ways you can update your kitchen and put a little personality into the space, so don’t be restrictive on what you like. If you decide to go all out on a drop pendant chandelier over your kitchen table then take it back a bit with your recessed lighting for the rest of the kitchen.

Don’t feel like you have to purchases your lights from a big-box store either, there are a lot of funky light stores that offer creative lighting selections that will add that modern style you’ve been looking for. They are also happy to pass along their advice if you take pictures of your kitchen and show what you are hoping to achieve.

There you have it, all you need to know about kitchen lighting and creating the best look for your kitchen. But I warn you, once you change the lights you may be tempted to move on to other aspects of the kitchen; if this is you then be sure to read these signs that your kitchen may be in need of a renovation.

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