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How to Achieve Seamless Finish for Recessed Drywall Panels Installation

Interior designs are a vital aspect of your establishment since they are responsible for creating a positive experience for your occupants, guests, staff, and anyone else who steps foot into your property. In modern times, people have preferred a more minimalistic look with lesser furniture and seamless interior designs and even hiding their mechanical systems such as electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC systems.  

One way for you to achieve this is by installing recessed drywall panels. Having recessed access panels will allow you to hide your mechanical systems while also easily accessible. 

Here are some helpful hacks to achieve a seamless finish for your recessed drywall panel installation:

  1. Hide Access Doors Using Decorative Items

If your access panel is exposed and open to the public, you can easily hide it behind decorative items. Choosing decorative items to cover panels can be tricky, but the best options are furniture or designs that are lightweight and, at the same time, can cover the whole access panel. Examples of decorative items are picture frames or paintings. These items are not a hassle to put in place and remove whenever you need access to your mechanical system for check-ups or repairs. 

  1. Match Your Access Panel to Your Wall 

One of the simplest ways to conceal your access doors is simply matching its color to your wall. Professionals have manufactured recessed access doors to your convenience so they can effortlessly blend in with the wall it lies on. Its door frames are merged into the wall before the installation of drywall. You won’t have a back-breaking time trying to conceal your access doors to your room’s interior since you can paint any color you want to your door that will match your wall. 

Your access door will look invisible in no time. But, in some cases, you need to label your access door if it can cause potential danger to your occupants, such as sticking up warning symbols to your access door if it is a must. 

  1. Install Access Doors in Low Traffic Areas

Place your access doors in a spacious yet low-traffic location. You will create an aesthetically appealing interior for your commercial building by partnering with your contractors and designers. During the installation, inquire about mounting access panels above the ceiling or below the floor surface.

  1. Add Cabinets

If you’re trying to conceal your access doors in the bathroom area, you can try installing cabinets. Usually, access doors from the bathroom area are placed at the bottom of your sink, which is also a perfect place to install your bathroom vanity or cabinets. This can be an excellent “trojan horse” moment where inside the cabinet is also where your access doors are installed. In this manner, it won’t be an eyesore to your guests or occupants inside the building simultaneously, and it will also be easily accessible. 

Hiding your access panel is unnecessary with recessed access doors since it effortlessly blends into the surrounding walls. But it is also nice to experiment with different methods to achieve a seamless look for your establishment. You can also ask for tips from interior designers and other professionals if you want more insights about this matter. 

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