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How to Store Your Items During a Remodel

A home renovation is an exciting process, but it comes with a lot of extra work. When your home is being renovated, a lot of items need to be moved, and if you’re not careful, it can cause your house to be cluttered. This renovation process is a great time to explore a variety of different storage options for your affected belongings. All the options have their upsides and downsides that each renovator will have to weigh before opting for one.

Before taking action, home remodeling customers should assess the situation and determine just what they need to move. What items will be affected by the renovation process? What other items could potentially be placed alongside these in any acquired storage solutions? As with any storage endeavor, it’s very helpful to have a ballpark figure for the combined volume of the items that will go into storage. This will allow you to determine which solution is best, based on how much space you need to store all these items.

There are a variety of internal and external options for renovation customers looking for a place to store their affected belongings while their home is being worked on. Many people have a garage, attic or other in-home room they can store some of their items. Others live in a small space without much room for in-home storage and have to rely on external storage options. Whichever option you choose, it’s key to prepare all your items for storage to ensure they’re ready for use once the home renovations are complete.

In-home storage is the simplest and least expensive option. Those who live in the suburbs and rural areas often have large homes with several spare rooms that can be used for storage. Whether it’s a garage, attic, or basement, a lot of people have a room in mind for storing excess stuff. This extra room may have some limitations that make it unsuitable for storing certain items, which must be taken into account for planning.

If you don’t have an extra room that can be used for storage, there are plenty of ways to make the space you have fit more stuff. Consider all three dimensions: the dimension not used as much as it could be is height. Gravity can make it more difficult to use all the space above the floor, but stackable storage containers and storage products that utilize height make it easier. Furniture with built-in storage like platform/captain beds, futons, and hollow tables that you can sneakily deposit items in also help add more storage to your existing space.

For people who need to store much larger items, or without much other internal recourse, external storage is the way to go. No matter what part of the country a renovation customer lives in, there’s certain to be a self-storage facility nearby that they can place some of their things in. If all the renovation-affected items are easy to fit in a box or in your car, self-storage can be a great option for home renovation customers. Self-storage offers fair pricing and flexibility for those already committing lots of money into their home renovations. Self-storage facilities rent out their space in rooms with predetermined volume size, so make sure to ascertain the combined volume of all your items going into storage beforehand.

For people with much larger items they must store during their home renovation, full service storage is a very appealing option. Full-service storage companies, including Oz Moving & Storage, will pick up all the items going into their storage facility themselves and handle the logistics of storing these items. Transporting large, heavy items into a self-storage facility yourself can often be more work than it’s worth, and the cost difference in hiring professionals is sometimes cancelled out by the stress difference. Professional movers have both the tools and the skill required to handle larger & heavier items like home appliances at the pickup point and in their own storage units.

Every home renovation customer should focus on ensuring their belongings return from storage in the same condition they arrived in. Picking a safe, well-maintained storage facility with all the necessary conditions to keep these items in perfect condition is a too often overlooked part of this process. Ensure your facility has adequate security monitoring and will not be problematic for any of your stored stuff. The move itself can cause damage to your belongings if you aren’t careful. Taking items into storage is a lot like normal moving, so items should be packed with the same security; use packing buffers like bubble wrap and packing paper, and make sure all boxes used are sturdy.

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