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How You Can Enliven an Old Kitchen With a Remodel

Kitchen-with-IslandHomeowners have many reasons to decide to have their kitchen remodeled. They may have a growing family and need more space. Perhaps they’ve taken a greater interest in cooking and want a kitchen that makes that easier. Or they could want to make the kitchen a better multi-use space that makes everything from entertaining to more family time easier. 

And there’s the most common reason of all—to update a drab, old kitchen with something that looks new and more inviting. Fewer remodeling jobs can invigorate a whole house the way a kitchen remodel can.

We’ll look at only a few ways you can turn a dim, dull, and dour older kitchen into something amazing. With the help of a great general contractor in Malibu, CA, you can transform your kitchen with these ideas.

Lighter colors

This goes deeper than just putting lighter-color paint over everything. Changing a kitchen from one with darker surfaces and heavy wooden cabinets is one of the best places to begin to invigorate this part of your house. Lighter colors not only make a kitchen brighter and more pleasant, it makes the space seem larger. We recommend going with lighter materials for cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

Redesign the lighting

Lighter color surfaces are only one part of lightening up a kitchen: we recommend remodeling the general lighting scheme. Older kitchens often have uniform lighting that creates a dull look. Better lighting technology allows for a kitchen to have the illumination it needs for work that also creates a softer feel that doesn’t flatten everything. 

Rethink storage

How you’ll arrange for storage in your new kitchen is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Open shelving is a popular option, but you may find that this exposes too many small appliances and makes it harder to keep the kitchen looking clean. The right cabinetry and storage can help you disguise many appliances that might create clutter. 

Open the kitchen to the rest of the house

A common design for older kitchens is to have them separated from the rest of the house as much as possible, with two doors accessing them. A newer design trend is a kitchen that’s open to a major living area, such as the family room. You can knock out one of the kitchen walls—while also expanding the kitchen into the new area—so that it integrates it into the rest of the home.

Use a bump out or expansion to create a nook

The breakfast nook is a great way to make the kitchen a more enticing place for your household. You can expand the kitchen through an exterior wall to create this nook. If this isn’t possible, you can opt for a less expensive bump-out that will create more space. These nooks also allow for you to bring light into the kitchen with windows on two additional sides. 

Our expert team can help you discover the best choices for a kitchen remodel that will bring new life to your entire home.

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