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How Do I Make a Hidden Access Door With Recessed Access Panels

Commercial building owners always prefer a seamless look, which should be practical, efficient, and pleasant to the eyes. Mechanical systems are one of the most critical aspects of your building. They must be regularly checked and maintained to avoid unwanted mishaps and uncomfortable situations for your occupants.

It is why access doors are a must-have for any establishment. An access door allows your maintenance crew to have easy access to your electric system, HVAC, plumbing, or any other extra space. In addition, you won’t have to worry about access doors ruining your room’s aesthetic since manufacturers have created recessed access panels that can blend right into your drywall.

Follow these essential tips, and you’ll have your recessed access panels installed in a short time while keeping the room seamless:

Hide Your Access Panels with Decor

If you have an access panel visible in the room, you can try putting decorative items like furniture or plants in front of it to hide them. Make sure to choose a durable and secure piece but can also be quickly removed by maintenance staff when necessary. In addition, light-weighted decorations like a painting are preferable.

Add an Air Return

You can also add a frameless, louvered air return to the access panel door. This material gives the access door a dual purpose and fits into the room. The advantage of installing air ventilation is that you can customize it to different sizes. They rest directly on the drywall and don’t extend too far. Like air return, you can also include the access panel as part of the room design. For instance, if you want to install a roof hatch for your balcony, you can consider installing a skylight roof hatch that will serve as a door that will open to your patio.

Match the Finish to the Surface

Access doors are manufactured with different finishes or coatings that you can choose. In addition, you can apply a powder coat or aluminum coat if you want your wall to match your panel’s overall look. If you want it to have a more seamless finish, some access doors can also paint on them unless they interfere with their function. Sometimes, you have to paint a sign on it to warn or caution. Choose a paint that matches the background perfectly, or you can also try hiding it by painting a mural on your wall.

Choose a Low Traffic Area

It would be best to place your access doors and panels in a spacious and low-traffic area. It will create an aesthetically pleasing interior for your commercial building by partnering with contractors and designers.

Professionals have successfully created different methods in granting easy access to your mechanical systems without ruining the aesthetic ambiance of your establishment. But before installing one of your own, it is still advisable to seek assistance and advice from licensed and reputable professionals. In this way, you can have a more guaranteed outcome.

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