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The Horrible Mistakes of a Sloppy Bathroom Remodel

toilet-plumbing-concerned-womanRemodeling a bathroom is supposed to make life easier, increase the value of a house, and spruce up a room that often gets ignored in renovation efforts. Unfortunately, not all bathroom remodels are equal because not all bathroom remodeling contractors are equal. If you have plans to remodel one of your home’s bathrooms, make sure you work with our experienced team of designers and builders so you can avoid some of the big problems a less-skilled contractor might inflict on you.

We’ve seen some dreadful bathroom remodels during our years of work and had to fix quite a few big mistakes. Below we’ve listed some of the errors that happen when you have inferior remodeling work.

Terrible layouts

One of the trickiest bathroom renovation projects is trying to make a small bathroom easier to use. The contractors have to create a layout that gives a better sense of space (as well as surfaces and mirrors to help make it look larger) and makes it more convenient. A contractor without much design experience may end up making the space more crowded, with doors that open right into the toilet and sinks hovering over the edge of the shower. Another common mistake is putting in towel racks far out of reach of the shower.

Awful tile work

Using tiles for bathroom remodels is an affordable way to create a fresh look, whether for the walls, the counters, or the bathtub/shower. But a contractor who takes shortcuts with tiles can create something haphazard and embarrassing to look at. Uneven grouting, caulking instead of grouting, dropping tiles, a jagged appearance, and gaps that allow for mold and mildew to easily start. Tiling is a flexible option for bathrooms, but that flexibility can turn into a serious problem in the wrong hands.

Bad piping

This problem isn’t one homeowners notice immediately, because most of the piping is out of sight. But if a remodeling contractor subcontracts the plumbing to an amateurish plumber, the layout of pipes and drains can make the room inefficient, a water-waster, subject to frequent clogging, and even damaging to the floor below. We handle all our plumbing designs in-house to ensure the plumbing works in tandem with all other parts of a remodel.

Too little storage

One of the simple secrets to creating a beautiful bathroom is having enough storage to hold the many necessities in an orderly, attractive way. A combination of open shelving for towels and hidden storage of less visually appealing objects makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, a slapdash remodel will often leave storage to the very end—and the room will not only have too little storage, but the storage will also be inconvenient and unattractive.

We could list many other examples, and you only have to search for “bad bathroom remodels” online to see images of some of the worst possible mistakes. But if you want to have a bathroom renovation that not only avoids design pitfalls but delivers the most stylish and useful spaces as possible, work with us. We’re licensed and insured and offer exceptional customer service for bathroom remodeling in Brentwood, CA.

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