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Home Renovation Trends That Are Popular in 2022

Many of us have been spending a lot of time at home. These experiences may have led you to want more space or to desire a smaller living footprint. No matter your ultimate home goals, the tips below can inspire you to make the changes necessary to make your current home feel new again.

Energy Efficiency

No matter what else is happening in the financial markets, prices on utilities are not going down any time soon. Now is the time to

If you don’t have reversible ceiling fans, add them. Take a look at the energy hogs in your home; if you have a fireplace that you don’t use, it may be letting in a lot of cold air. Consider putting a pellet or corn-burning insert to have a second source of heat in your home if you don’t want to burn wood.

This is also a great time to take a look at your landscaping. If you live in a cold country and have the space, add a windbreak at the north end of your house. If you live in a hot country, add a shade tree at the south end of your home. No matter where you live, add a deciduous tree that will shade your home to the east and west. If it’s full of flowers in the spring or bright leaves in the fall, celebrate the beauty! Don’t add fruit trees to your landscaping unless you know you will gather up the fruit. Wasps are terrible neighbors.

Bold Color

Indications are that decluttering is still popular, but the stark white minimalist look is falling out of favor. If you’re updating doors and windows, consider adding a stained glass feature to a front entry or a kitchen window.

Do make sure to put up your stained glass in a window that you will get to enjoy. If you’re gone all day, put it in the western windows so you can enjoy it while you eat dinner. If you have mornings at home, put a stained glass panel or a glass mosaic in an eastern window.

Flexible Space Tools

Many of us are downsizing. If you have a smaller, open concept house, consider adding a foldable screen or a tracked panel that you can use to change up a space. For example, a tracking panel that hangs from the ceiling can be upholstered to match your living room on one side and used as a bulletin board on the other side. Pull it out and you have an office; put it away and it’s movie night with the family.

You can also choose to go a bit old school with flexible tools. For example, you might add a kitchen island with a dropleaf table and get rid of your need for a dining table. Pair this modern piece with Shaker chairs that can hang on the wall when not in use. Not only will you have more walking space in your home, but your robot vacuum will be much more efficient.

Multi-Season Rooms

Boost your enjoyment of your home with a sunroom, a deck or a covered, screened patio. Imagine opening up your bedroom doors in the morning to let in plenty of fresh air to start off a weekend! Depending on where you live, screens may be critical. A sunroom on the west side of your home could be a wonderful gift, even in the winter. If you struggle to get enough light, adding a multi-season room can make it easier to enjoy lots of light when the weather is grim.

Private Outdoor Spaces

The she-shed and the man-cave continue to be popular. If you love to craft, work with wood, or simply putter outside, look for a building kit or a tiny barn that you can settle in your yard. Do the work to protect your structure; you may need to pour a slab for your build and to keep critters or pests from getting under your studio.

The housing market is getting extremely tight. If you are interested in a new house but not finding anything you like, updating your home can save you hassle and expense. Customize your living space to exactly what you need.

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