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Hillside Pools

When building a swimming pool on a hillside, your property will likely require certain safety and security measures such as retaining walls and/or caissons to be sure that your designer pool doesn’t just look good, but is made to last. It is imperative that you work with a seasoned construction company with knowledge of structural and geographical engineering. Hillside pools provide a stunningly scenic view, creative design opportunities, and an active entertainment center for the home unlike any other home feature.

The Ultimate Pool of Luxury

A.k.a. The Zero Edge, The Infinity Pool, Disappearing Edge, Negative Edge, Wet Edge, Vanishing Edge, Rimless…

This style is bar-none in our humble opinion. With this style, the water extending past the pool creates such a mesmerizing effect that it appears seamless with its surroundings. While these luxury pools can cost quite a bit more due to their design, the view and feel that they bring to a property makes this a favorite among Angelinos and beyond. Essentially you are building a pool within a pool for this system. Additional pumps and pool equipment are required.

You can also do a reverse style of the infinity edge style where there is a wall against the pool, creating an endless waterfall that instead spills into the pool. There are so many possibilities, our Pool specialists are able to create anything you can imagine. We are a full-service General Contractor, so we won’t just be able to build you a pool, but a paradise to enjoy. From sound systems, ambient lighting, televisions, fire and water features, custom mosaics, designer landscaping and more—we offer the complete package.

Homeowners in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Holmby Hills, Malibu, out to Pasadena and surrounding areas—we are one of the contractors you should call! We stand by our work and take care of our clients’ homes as we would our own. Contact us today to transform your property.

Please note that the information given herein is in no way legal advice and is presented as information to our understanding. Always consult current Los Angeles Building Codes and requirements and work with licensed and insured contractors. Hillside Construction is a specialized field and as such, requires experience and knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome.

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