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Hillside Construction


Building on Hillside

Many homes in and around Los Angeles are considered “Hillside.” This can mean captivating views, using a naturally cooling breeze, creative architectural and structural options, and the ever-stunning infinity edge pool … but it can also have some challenges. Hillside Construction requires skill and experience to make sure your home is not only beautiful, but safe and long-standing.

Slope Gradient & Direction

One of the first things to consider is the slope of the lot of land, and direction of the slope in correlation to your building. Your slope will either be up-slope, down-slope, side-slope, or a rolling slope. The gradient also has a great deal to say regarding the difficulty level of a Hillside Build. An incline of under 10% is a slight slope and will be far easier to build on. An incline between 11–20% could be considered moderate, and 20% or higher would be steep. The steeper the slope, the more challenging the task of Hillside Construction becomes. We at Advanced Builders & Contractors are experts in grading, excavation, trenching, soil and foundation techniques and strategy.


What will your property require?

Your property location, local code requirements, and the results of the geological study and soil analysis report will all need to be considered to know what you can and cannot do at the specific location of your home. You can find zoning and jurisdictional information by your address among other options at this website:

A Geotechnical Engineer will give you a geo study and soils analysis report. This report will tell you what the property’s soil conditions are and whether the area is buildable. It will tell you the best suitable foundation, whether caissons or retaining walls and/or impact walls are necessary. These are vital first steps to take in order to make sure your home is at or above safety standards. In Los Angeles, we have earthquakes to consider, flooding, landslides … the foundation of your home is of the highest importance. These tests will tell us what the best design options are, what layouts are best suited for the land, not to mention their effects on the project cost. You will also need a topographical map and possibly a Slope Band Analysis should you need to work through the Baseline Hillside Ordinance, to know what you can build, and how much of the land you can use as the footprint of the structure. This “footprint” is known as the Residential Floor Area. Once you have these Soils reports, topography, and your RFA, the architects and designer will have the information they need to design a custom home for you and for the land. The number one way you can save time and money on a Hillside construction project is by allowing the existing land to influence your design.

If you are searching for a Contractor to build your Hillside property, look no further than the experienced and personal service at ADVANCED. Contact us today.

Advanced Builders & Contractors serves Hillside properties in and around Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Topanga, Malibu, Hidden Hills, Tarzana, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Studio City, Hollywood, Westwood, Brentwood, Bel Air, Beverly Glen, Holmby Hills, Encino, Calabasas and more.


Please note that the information given herein is in no way legal advice and is presented as information to our understanding. Always consult current Los Angeles Building Codes and requirements and work with licensed and insured contractors. Hillside Construction is a specialized field and as such, requires experience and knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome.

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