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Hiding the Toilet with a Bathroom Remodel

Of course, every bathroom needs a toilet. But what you often want to avoid when you are remodeling a bathroom is making the toilet into a centerpiece. In this quick guide, we go over some modern ways to make your toilet a less prominent feature in your bathroom remodel.  


Try adding in a partition that separates the toilet from the rest of the bathroom, if only a little. This may mean a low wall between the cabinetry and the toilet. You may have a thin storage shelve separating the toilet. A decorative partition adds a nice touch. Or you might consider an angled wall that reveals your bath and shower but manages to hide the majority of your toilet.


There are actually many types of toilets available today that are much less intrusive in your design plan. One thing you might look into is finding a toilet close in color to your décor. This way, it seems to fit in just right—rather than only serving as a necessity placed in wherever it fit.

There are toilets that appear to be mounted onto the wall, with the tank and plumbing components hidden from view behind it. This is an excellent option for a bathroom with a modern minimalist design. It won’t take up so much space or detract from the design.


When other features of the bathroom are more eye-catching, the toilet can be nearly unnoticeable. Part of the draw in your bathroom may actually be the partition separating out your toilet. Then there are mosaic options for tiling, adding in feature walls that catch the eye, or just a decorative light that draws attention.

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