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The Half Bathroom, Three-Quarter Bathroom, Or Full Bathroom Addition

glass-door-shower-bathroom-remodelOne of the more common room addition jobs for a house is the bathroom addition. Often this consists of converting part of a larger bedroom into the bathroom, or changing a closet area or other space into a bathroom. It’s a big job, but one that has many benefits for an expanding family.

A bathroom addition requires excellent building contractors, because the addition of plumbing is critical to the job. You can trust our team to handle all steps of the process, from design to construction to plumbing, so you end up with the exact type of bathroom you want.

And speaking of that, let’s look at the different possibilities for bathroom size. Are you looking for a quarter bathroom, a half bathroom, a three-quarter bathroom, or a full bathroom addition? If you aren’t sure what the difference is, we’ll help out below.

The Quarter Bathroom

These are rare. In fact, you usually only find them in commercial buildings where something that qualified as a bathroom needed to be fit into the structure. A quarter bathroom is just a room with a toilet. No sink or anything else. It is quite literally a water closet. For most homes, we can find a better way to create a bathroom addition than just this.

The Half Bathroom (Half Bath)

You may be familiar with this one if you’ve looked over real-estate listings. The half bathroom contains a toilet and a sink. This is the type of bathroom you usually find on the first floor of a house and is often referred to as a “guest bathroom,” since it isn’t a regular bathroom for any of the residents. Half bathrooms are good additions for homes where guests are common, and they can be made with an attractive design.

The Three-Quarter Bathroom

This is one of the more difficult to define. Think of a bathroom as having four possible elements: toilet (the essential item), sink, shower, and bath. A three-quarter bathroom has three of the four, and you can probably guess which one is missing from most. Yes, the tub. Instead, the bathroom will either have a walk-in shower or a tub-shower combination.

For many homeowners, a three-quarter bathroom is just “a bathroom” since it provides the full functionality a person needs from it. However, if you are interested in increasing the value of your house because you intend to sell it later, a three-quarter bathroom is distinct from a full bathroom on most listings, and the three-quarter bathroom will have less value.

The Full Bathroom

This has it all: toilet, sink, and a separate tub and shower. It can also be a luxury space with a whirlpool tub and two sinks.

Choosing a Bathroom Size

You have to consider several factors when choosing a half-bath or three-quarter/full bath. Do you have the space available? Do you have the budget available? Will the location (such as on the first floor) affect which type you choose? Are you interested in boosting the resale value as much as possible?

You may already have the idea for what you want for your bathroom addition in Brentwood, CA. But no matter where you currently stand, you can’t go wrong by calling us to schedule an estimate.

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