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Good Reasons to Opt for New Home Construction

carpenterWhen you decide to move into a new house, you’ll face two important options: do you buy a house or do you arrange with a contractor to build a new one?

At first, you may wish to go with option one, since new construction is a daunting prospect. But if you have the right general contractor in Encino, CA to handle the construction from start to finish, building a new home becomes more viable. In fact, it may be the best choice possible: starting from scratch has numerous advantages.

Below we’ll look at some of the best reasons to keep an open mind about new home construction.

Full Customization

Your newly built house is truly your castle—because you decided exactly what you wanted it to be. You can customize a new house to meet all of your specific needs. This is especially important now when more people are working from home than ever before. Imagine constructing a house with a dedicated workspace that matches your job. That’s better than a home office. You won’t have to have any part of the house that doesn’t work for you or serve your family, which is always a problem you’ll run into with an already existing house. You can also put in that game room/movie theater/dance floor/library you always wanted.

Improved Construction

Unfortunately, there are many houses on the market now that weren’t well designed to begin with. (The plague of “McMansions” is still around, large houses built quickly and cheaply.) With a new house, you can start with the best construction, and no need for any “fixer-upper” business once the house is done. 

Lower Maintenance

When you build your own home, you will have much less maintenance to perform for many years. No need to renovate, no major repainting. You’ll have a house with few worries and you’ll save thousands of dollars each year. This is one of the ways that investing in a new house will start to pay you back.

Better Energy Efficiency

The newer the house, the more it will save money with energy efficiency. This means a superior heat seal for the home and the best in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. You’ll be able to pick all the major appliances for maximum energy conservation. 

It Just Feels Good

This is an intangible benefit, but it may be the best one. A home that’s designed for you, that looks exactly as you wanted it, a place where you love to live … there are few things that feel as fantastic and life-enhancing as that.

You’ve already gone a long way on the path to a great new home: you found Advanced Builders & Contractors. We handle new construction under one roof without using subcontractors. This helps us to streamline the process and deliver to clients the exact final product they’re looking for. Talk to us today and request an estimate to see what’s possible for you when it comes to building your dream home. 

Advanced Builders & Contractors is licensed and bonded and has served the Los Angeles Area for more than 16 years. Request an estimate today and experience our exceptional customer service.

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