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Focus Your Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom-tile-tubYou’ve decided to remodel an old bathroom in your house—and we think this is a good choice. Bathroom remodels are not only excellent returns on investment, they can help enhance home life, make mornings and evenings more convenient, help save water, improve storage, and provide other benefits.

But once you’ve made the choice about a bathroom remodel, you’ll feel overwhelmed with a new set of decisions as well as a flood of ideas. This is where having a team of trusted remodeling professionals helping you is invaluable. An excellent remodeling contractor isn’t just a group of people you hire to come in and do the physical work; they’re people with the training to help you focus your ideas for what you want to achieve with the remodel.

We have listed a few ideas to start you focusing on what you want for your redesign bathroom. Our professionals will help you make the best ideas into a reality.


A bathroom functions through its fixtures. They are the bathroom, the reason the space exists, so ensuring you have the fixtures you both need and want is always Step One when remodeling. Choosing the right sink design (of the many options), deciding on whether you want low-flow fixtures, and what sort of toilet to have installed are important to think about early during the process.

Shower vs. Tub

Here is a special fixture decision: what type of shower/tub do you want? If you have an older bathroom with a standard shower/tub combination, you may want to have a full walk-in shower put in if you just don’t get enough use from the tub. Walk-in showers are a great modern addition. But maybe you want more use from the tub, so having a better tub and shower combination is appealing. Or, if you are expanding the bathroom space, maybe you can have a separate tub ­and shower.


You may not have thought about what kind of flooring you want in the bathroom because you’re thinking of the flashier parts of the room. Well, now is a good time to consider the flooring material. Ceramic tiles, porcelain, or something else? There are benefits and drawbacks to each, so make sure to talk with your remodeler.

Storage space

Do you need a significant improvement in bathroom storage space? Or are you willing to lose some space for the benefit of a different design with more open shelving and special styles of sinks? Storage may not be an exciting topic, but understanding how important it is for the final product is key to getting the best remodel.


How will you light your bathroom? Do you want strong lights for safety, or are you looking for something more relaxing and low-key? Lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways to change a bathroom’s look, so if you are working on a tighter budget, giving a lighting redesign closer consideration can make an enormous difference.

We’re the design/build team to trust with a bathroom remodel in Encino, CA or elsewhere in the Los Angeles area.

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