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Focal Points in a Kitchen Remodel

kitchen-farmhouse-sinkRemodeling a kitchen is partially a construction job. It’s also an artistic endeavor, and the design of a kitchen uses many of the same principles used in art. One of these principals that’s essential to an excellent kitchen remodeling is the focal point. We’ll take a look at this concept and how it can be put to work for an excellent kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles, CA.

What Are Focal Points?

A focal point is anything that immediately draws the eye of the observer. In a painting, for example, the faces and large shapes draw the eye to them immediately, as do highlights and other bright points. For a room, focal points can be a large piece of art, anything that has accent lighting, a prominent wall-mounted screen, the fireplace, or an object on a table with bright colors.

Kitchen Focal Points

The focal points in a kitchen can be numerous. The more focal points, the more distracting the kitchen can appear. Few focal points create a flat and bland appearance. The most common focal points in kitchens are the backsplash and the hood over the stovetop. But almost anything can be made into a focal point with the right design: the island, the sink, the window, the cupboards, the countertops, the main lighting fixtures. You can choose among these options, but the balance will be the key to a successful remodel. You want focal points to create support for each other rather than competition. The larger the kitchen, the more focal points you can use—but they still must have balance through scale and proportion (its own lengthy topic).

A Brief Look at Basic Focal Points

  • Backsplash: The backsplash is the material that covers the back of the kitchen wall between the countertops and the cabinets. It’s an essential part of any kitchen appearance, changing looks from rustic to modern to classical, and deciding what material, colors, and designs to use for a backsplash is key to a remodel. You can choose to have part of the backsplash “pop” more than the others, usually the backsplash directly behind the range or the sink.
  • Island: The island kitchen is a top-request for remodels, since an island increase workspace and is also inviting for social functions. An island will always be a focal point, so ensuring that it’s attractive and doesn’t create a feeling of clutter is key to making an attractive new kitchen.
  • Sink: The “kitchen sink” is often a term used to indicate the mundane and dull. But you’ll be amazed with the options available for making the sink into a focal point that livens up the entire space. Dual bowls, farmhouse designs, stainless steel, undermounts, top mounts, cast iron, fireclay, island… you have many choices and great ways to turn the sink into a centerpiece.
  • Range hood: If your current kitchen has simple vents under cabinets or the microwave to vent from the range, putting in an attractive range hood, such as a ceiling mounted hood, can be transformative.

Our kitchen design experts will have great ideas for your remodel and its eye-pleasing focal points.

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