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Floor Material for Home Remodeling

If you’re looking at home remodeling in Los Angeles, CA, one of the major changes you’re likely considering making is changing the flooring. And when it comes to whole-house flooring, you’ll have a lot of options to consider, and you will likely want different types of flooring for different rooms, such as one type for the living spaces and another for the kitchen and the bathrooms. 

The different materials available for flooring in a house remodel can feel overwhelming, and all have a range of pros and cons and prices to consider. We can’t give you an exhaustive guide in a blog post, but we can look over some of the most popular choices and trends in current home remodeling. The best way to find the right new floors for your home remodel is to work with our team of professional designers and builders. We’ll see you have the best possible outcome for your project that stays within your budget.


This is the most popular choice for contemporary homes when it comes to flooring. In fact, it’s been the dominant flooring option for the past few decades. You have great versatility with hardwood, with numerous colors and finishes. Popular wood choices include oak, cherry, maple, and walnut. Wood flooring is beautiful and durable and can help increase your home’s value, but it does have a few drawbacks such as a higher price and increased need for maintenance. 

Engineered hardwood 

A beautiful but less expensive option than hardwood, engineered hardwood uses a layer of hardwood bonded over a plywood substrate. You’re still getting a genuine hardwood top, but for a lower price and with less maintenance required. 

Imitation hardwood

I.e. laminate or vinyl flooring. This is a halfway point between having hardwood floors and carpeting. If you don’t want carpeting in your house but want to avoid the costs and maintenance associated with either type of hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring is often a good choice. You still have many options for color as well as texture, and you’ll find the floors easy to clean. 


You’ll find tile most often in bathrooms and kitchens because ceramic and porcelain tiles are moisture-resistant and easy to clean. But tile can work well for other rooms since it comes in a variety of colors and finishes that can add bold artistic statements to rooms.


Carpet was once the main type of floor material for homes—and it certainly hasn’t vanished! It’s still a popular choice when it comes to bedrooms. Carpets today are more stain-resistant than they once were and don’t require as much maintenance. Best of all, carpet is one of the least expensive choices for flooring—although you can always spend more if you want luxury carpet material options and padding.


Natural stone has become increasingly popular for homes: granite, marble, and sandstone are common choices. The beauty and durability of stone does come at a higher cost, however, and some people may find stone is too cold a material (although this is less of a problem in our warm climate).

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