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First Time Remodeling? Follow these Tips

If it’s your first time ever remodeling any of the rooms in your home, the tasks ahead may seem daunting. There are a lot of decisions to make and a long process ahead. But follow our tips for a successful remodel, and you can make the process a lot more tolerable.

Gather Some Initial Ideas

You should have a pretty good idea of what your priorities are before calling a contractor. Don’t let someone else make all of the decisions for you. Think about what you want—more space for cooking, a bigger shower, more storage—and decide how to make it happen. You don’t necessarily have to have a complete plan, but everything else tends to fall into place once you know what you really want the most. Check magazines and online photos for inspiration.

Hire a Really Good Contractor

Ask for references. Check reviews. Look at photos of past projects. Do whatever you need to do to make sure your contractor is more than qualified for the job. You are going to be working with this person for a while. You want to know that you have an expert contractor doing the work—maybe even someone you can hire for future home renovations.

Never settle on a contractor only because they offer the lowest price, and never pick someone who doesn’t have the ability to finish the job completely. If you need to install plumbing, roofing, or any other feature, fixture, or appliance, make sure your contractor is able to handle it so that the job is stress-free for you from start to finish.

Plan for a Time-Consuming Mess

Unfortunately, too many homeowners are unprepared for the mess that usually goes along with a remodel. Don’t worry about the debris, and learn to be comfortable with your messy circumstances. Dropping out in the middle of a remodel just because of the debris around the home will only leave you less satisfied in the long run.

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