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A Few Excellent Home Improvement Ideas

ktichen-planning-toolsYou like your current house and don’t want to go through the long process of purchasing a new home and moving. But you’re still interested in making your home better. If you already have an idea for what you want, such as a room addition, room conversion, or luxury bathroom remodel, then the next step is easy—call our office and get started.

However, you may be in a nebulous place with your ideas for improving your house. You’re considering factors about livability, family growth, return on investment, time, etc. It’s a lot to consider, and below we’ve listed some ideas for home improvement to think about. If anything on this list gives you that “ah ha!” feeling, then you know who to call to get started. You can schedule that home improvement in Beverly Hills, CA with a contractor who handles all stages of the process: Advanced Builders & Contractors. We’ll answer all your questions and find the right approach for the project.

The Kitchen Remodel

This is always on the top of lists of great home renovation projects. The reason is that the kitchen is central to a home both in location and function. Upgrading a kitchen makes life easier and the house more pleasant. You can choose a smaller remodel to replace cabinets and sinks, or go for a full deluxe remodel that changes the entire look and layout of the kitchen. We’ll help you find what approach will give the results and ROI you’re looking for.

The Room Repurpose

If you’re thinking that your house isn’t large enough, and a room addition (or even a second floor if you have a single-story house) might be the only option, you may be missing out on another possibility: reinventing one of your current rooms or spaces. Garage and attic conversions are among the most popular, or you can change a bedroom into two different rooms. If you’re looking to do more work from home, turning a room into a home office is an excellent project to look into. There’s plenty of options for repurposing.

The Bathroom Addition

Your older house may not have enough bathrooms for convenience, especially if your household has grown. Adding a bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean adding on an entire room to the existing outside of the house—you can find space by taking it out of rooms that don’t receive a lot of use. (You probably have one of those rooms that no longer seems useful, or wouldn’t be harmed much by losing a chunk of it).

The California Room

We’ve talked about this home improvement in depth before. The basics is that it converts an outdoor area, like a patio, into an indoor-outdoor transition space—like a covered porch, but with far more amenities. California rooms are perfect for the weather in, well, California, and they’re a great way to create a luxury space in your house that doesn’t require adding a full room.

Advanced Builders & Contractors has served the Los Angeles area for over 14 years. Request an estimate for your home improvement or remodeling project today.

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