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Farmhouse Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

kitchen-farmhouse-sinkThe modern farmhouse kitchen is making a comeback in a huge way. While bright and shiny technology goes in and out of fashion, as do color fads, faux finishes, and out-there hardware styles, the farmhouse kitchen gives your home a classic look and feel you’ll never tire of.

The key to a successful kitchen remodel is in three features. First, the entire design has its inspiration in industrial elements, with large spaces for cooking and cleaning and everything you need in an easy-to-reach location. Second, rustic elements tie the room together. Finally, modern appliances fit in to make you the envy of your neighbors. While there are no other hard-and-fast rules about what you need to make this design work, you can check out these ideas to take your new farmhouse kitchen to the next level!

The Sink

The benchmark of a classic farmhouse kitchen is the sink! The farmhouse style is all about utility first and style second, and what’s more practical than a charming sink that fits all of your pots and pans? Today’s apron-front sinks are easier than ever to install in most kitchen remodels and come in a variety of styles.


When designing a farmhouse kitchen, you should always keep function in mind. Sectioning off areas for food preparation or coffeemaking is helpful. Many farmhouse kitchens keep everything on display. Utensils and pots and pans may hang from the walls, while dishes and glassware are on open display on shelves around the home.


Again, there’s no rule for what colors you must use in a farmhouse kitchen, but the primary colors are typically neutral or dark. Black, white, gray, and brown reign supreme, while one or two color accents pop out while still tiying the room together, in the form of centerpieces or one or two shelved pieces.


There are several finishes that add to that rustic charm of a farmhouse style kitchen. While quartz or marble countertops can look great, decorative wood accents are common, as are butcherblocks. Uniform finishes for hardware are not always necessary, as copper accent pieces are becoming more and more common.


Eclectic décor is often a marker of a farmhouse kitchen. We mentioned the idea of mixed metals above, as well as copper accents. The industrial inspiration we’ve discussed above means certain pieces in your kitchen may be quite utilitarian, while others are reminiscent of kitchens of old. When searching for décor online, you might use search terms like “shabby chic.”


That bit of industrial inspiration also often comes in with your lighting. In a farmhouse kitchen, you often see high ceilings, which means bold pendant lighting is common. If you don’t have high ceilings, though, period lighting is common. Glass globe free-hanging bulbs give a rustic look. We’ve even seen beautiful lighting crafted from mason jars! Just remember that these are your accent lights. You’ll also need task lighting under cabinets and over sinks—which can fit into any kitchen.

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