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Durable and Sustainable Building Materials for New Home Construction

When it comes to new home construction 2021, you want a combination of durability and sustainability. Sustainable materials are much better for the environment than non-sustainable ones, but a home should also possess a level of durability that prevents the need for constant maintenance on it as well. 

Thankfully, there are more options than ever when it comes to mixing durability with sustainability in home construction. In case you’re looking to strike the perfect balance when constructing a new home in Los Angeles, let’s take a look at some of the best materials to use. 

  1. ICF Foundation and Frame System

If you want a frame and foundation that can stand up to extreme weather without batting an eye, ICF construction is the way to go. Not only is this material durable enough to handle extremely high winds, but it’s also fire-resistant and one of the most energy-efficient building materials on the market. 

This continuous insulation solution uses hollow concrete blocks which are interlocked by metal ties, creating a totally airtight frame and wall system throughout the home. 

The elite level of energy efficiency and durability makes them both durable and highly-sustainable. 

They can even be combined with easily-insulated, new construction vinyl casement windows for maximum energy efficiency. 

     2. Engineered Hardwood Floors

If you want the beauty of hardwood flooring without the sustainability or durability concerns, consider using engineered hardwood flooring instead. This flooring material uses durable recycled material like plywood for the bottom layers while using real, premium hardwood for the surface layer. 

This cuts down on the amount of fresh lumber that needs to be harvested to build your floors, while essentially providing the same exact flooring experience. There’s less of a rotting and/or warping concern thanks to the durable bottom layers as well. Due to the durability of these floors, you won’t have to worry about future remodeling projects to replace them.

       3. Wooden Doors for the Garage

Most garage doors are made from less sustainable materials like metal, which, while durable, aren’t very customizable. If you want to pick out an exact design that suits the home you’re building, rustic garage doors made from wood are a better option. 

These doors are perfectly durable when treated with the right type of stain and finish, yet are made from one of the most eco-friendly building materials on the planet, natural wood. Because these doors are built with style in mind, there’s a stunning array of options to choose from. 

No matter what type of aesthetic you’re trying to complete, there is a rustic wooden garage door that will fit it perfectly. You can also recoup up to 95% of what you invest in your new wooden garage door, thanks to the bump in property value from this hot ticket item. 

    4. Synthetic Cedar Roofing

Cedar shakes look amazing, especially when used as part of a farmhouse, or natural wood aesthetic. But, they can hardly be considered durable or sustainable. This material needs constant maintenance and replacement, which has an impact on its overall sustainability rating. The cost to remove cedar shake roof is also pretty high. 

Synthetic cedar shake roofing, on the other hand, gives you all the benefits of real cedar shakes with none of the drawbacks. The synthetic material these shakes are made with is far more durable than natural cedar, yet looks just like the real thing. 

A synthetic cedar shake roof will also last up to 50 years with basic maintenance, meaning you probably won’t ever have to replace it. Just make sure to use a trusted contractor when having a synthetic cedar shake roof installed to ensure the job is done properly.

Why Choose Between Durability and Sustainability When You Can Have Both?

The best thing about recent innovations in new home construction materials is that you can have your cake and eat it too. Implement materials like engineered hardwood flooring, synthetic cedar shake roofing, ICF blocks, and wooden garage doors to achieve an unmatched level of style, aesthetic perfection, sustainability, and durability. 

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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