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Different Kinds of Room Additions to Consider

woman-enjoying-coffeeWhen you’re looking for more living space or a significant change in your home lifestyle, but you aren’t planning on moving to a new house or building your own, a room addition is an excellent option. You may have a space such as a garage that you can convert, but if you don’t, then you can work with our team of professional designers and builders to create the right room additions in Los Angeles, CA to meet your needs.

But what are your current needs? To help get you thinking about the best way to expand your house, we’ve listed below some of the more popular room additions for homeowners.


This is the room addition for people who don’t want to commit to a full room addition or its costs but want to expand the space of a room. A bump-out doesn’t require a foundation because it’s cantilevered over the property, creating a type of “nook” that hangs out from the house. Bump-outs work well for adding a desk space or breakfast nook to a kitchen, expanding a home entertainment center, or generally making an area roomier.

Home Office

This has become one of the most popular types of room additions over the last year and a half as more people have shifted to working from home. If you’re in a situation where you often work from home but find it’s cumbersome and distracting, creating a full home office can make your life much easier, giving you a space that provides both physical and mental removal from other day-to-day parts of your life.

New Bathroom

Although this may not sound like the most exciting of room addition ideas, adding a second bathroom may be necessary if you have a growing family. With many style options available, adding a new bathroom can be more enhancing to your house than you might think.


If you’re looking to beautify your home and make it a more pleasant place to relax in, adding a sunroom may be perfect. You can bring in more natural light, make the house feel less crowded, put in an indoor garden, make it the children’s play area … this is one of the most flexible choices for a luxury addition.

Second Floor

This is a major addition because it goes past the “room” part and can almost double the square footage of a house. But second floors don’t have to be massive: you may only wish to add a few rooms for the second floor, such as a new bedroom and bathroom.

Guest House

This is a room addition where the new room isn’t connected to the house at all, but sits separate on your property. A guest house can serve many functions—it doesn’t just have to be a place for guests to stay! It can serve as a more extensive home office, a room for entertaining, a place for a teenager who needs more space, or a hobby room. You can also rent it out if it outgrows its original purpose. 

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