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Designing the Right Kitchen Island for Your Remodel

One popular upgrade to make during a remodel is adding in a kitchen island, particularly in homes where the kitchen will be expanded for space. A kitchen island is a great way to add counter space and more to a larger kitchen. But how will you design your new island? What’s most important to you?

The Social Family

Any family that loves getting together and having a good time should have a kitchen island with space to add barstools or counter height chairs. Cooking and cleaning can be lonely activities, and it’s nice to have company close by. It’s not the same as keeping a kitchen table in the dining area, where you have to raise your voice to hear everyone and where they are nowhere near eye level.

Besides, a kitchen island is a convenient place for kids to complete homework assignments, charge a cellphone (with an easy-to-reach outlet underneath the counter), and stay within view of the snacks and soft drinks.

The Organizer

A lot of people in the process of upgrading a kitchen tell us that their tired of not having a place for everything. Overcrowded cabinets full of pots and pans, and drawers stuffed with spatulas and even junk mail make the kitchen tough to navigate. You can add drawers (with built in organizers) and cabinets to one side of your island for additional storage. Or you can even have open shelving, which makes it fast and easy to grab the item you need and put it away later.

The Seasoned Chef

The seasoned chef deserves a second range for cooking, and maybe even a second sink. Add what you want to your kitchen island, if you have the space. Consult with your remodeling contractor and talk about what types of appliances and features you’ve always wanted, and whether it will make it easier than you to have those in your kitchen island.

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