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Current and Near-Future Trends in New Home Construction

home-remodel-stairway-kitchenIf you are considering new home construction in Calabasas, CA or elsewhere in the Los Angeles area, you obviously have plenty to think about. One of the first major concerns is the basic design and feel of the house—you’ll live in this space for many years, and you want it to match your exact needs as well as create an environment you enjoy being in. 

When you work with our design team for your new home construction project, we’ll give you the best advice and assistance in realizing your ideal house. Before we get started, we would like to share with you several current trends, as well as ones we believe are coming in the near future, in house design. You don’t need to trend-chase to have the best home, but trends usually emerge for good reasons and are worth examining.

The new work-from-home house

The year 2020 radicalized the idea of working from home, and these changes are likely to be permanent. In fact, one of the reasons you may want to build your own house is because you discovered the limitations of working from home in your current one. A new home design can create a true professional home office and workspace that maximizes your efficiency and privacy without having to redesign a current home that sacrifices valuable space for the rest of the household.

The enlivened color scheme

This is another trend that’s emerging from people spending more time at home. For several decades, the common interior design for homes was for neutral, muted colors, with focus on grays and whites. Now people are looking for more invigorating looks with strong colors. This is one of the more personal decisions you can make about home design, since not everyone reacts with the same positivity toward bright colors.

The passive house

What does this mean? It’s a growing trend in home construction that emphasizes energy efficiency and sustainability with the minimum use of energy. The home passively saves energy, requiring little effort to keep it cooled and heated, but without the sacrifice of indoor air quality that earlier energy-conserving homes often had. This is a whole-home approach, and one we expect more and more homeowners to opt for in the future.

The flex space

The term flex space was originally used for commercial spaces, where it refers to a warehouse area that can also be used for office space, but the idea is now moving over into homes. You may have also heard this referred to as a “multi-use” space. These are spaces in a house that are adaptable for different uses. Flex spaces usually don’t have specific fixtures to define their use (i.e. a bathroom can’t be a flex space because showers and toilets lock down the uses of the room). The popularity of flex spaces is on the rise because any family’s needs change over time,  and the flex space can easily change with them rather than forcing major remodeling in the future. 

These are a few ideas to get you started. We’re ready to help you find the best trends and design ideas for the ideal, unique new home.

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