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A Few Countertop Types for a Kitchen Remodel

A prep sink in a kitchen island and an apron-front or farmhouse sink for a kitchen remodel in Los Angeles.A kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles, CA can be an exciting project. The right remodel can not only bring to life the kitchen, but the rest of the house as well. One of the most important choices you’ll have to make when you set out on a kitchen remodeling is the material for the countertops. There are numerous materials to choose from. Below we’ve listed several of the most popular:


If you’re looking for affordability, laminate is a good choice. Laminate consists of plastic laminate bonded to particleboard. Along with the attractive price, laminate comes in an immense variety of styles, colors, and patterns. However, they are easier to damage than stone countertops and can peel and chip. 


Marble is one of the perennial types of material for a kitchen countertop, and it’s probably the material most people immediately associate with beauty and class. There’s no question that marble is a beautiful surface for a kitchen, and the range of colors and styles make it easy to adapt to many different remodeling projects. On the downside, marble is a softer stone than several other options and it requires more maintenance because it can become easily stained or scratched.


Another popular natural stone, granite may sound like a visually dull choice compared to marble, but single-slab granite countertops are each unique and can make beautiful additions to a kitchen. They’re also durable and don’t stain or crack easier—although they will require periodic sealing. Granite can be expensive, but it adds immense value to a remodeled kitchen.


You may not have heard as much about soapstone as a natural stone option compared to granite and marble, but the material has plenty to recommend it: it looks great if aiming for an older kitchen look, it can brighten up darker spaces, and it is more stain-resistant than marble although not as durable as granite. Soapstone can cost as much as granite, so the choice between the two often comes down to their appearance in a new kitchen design.


For a synthetic countertop, quartz is an attractive appearing choice that mimics solid stone. These countertops are not solid slabs of quartz, but pulverized rock and resin. These countertops come in many colors and styles and have a beautiful sparkle to them, and many have antimicrobial coatings. 

Stainless steel

Think stainless steel is only for commercial kitchens? These countertops have made their way into homes now for the same reason they’re used in restaurants: they’re super sanitary and germ-resistant, and when you have the right remodelers working with you, they can look sleek and gorgeous. You don’t have as many options for the design, however. 

And more…

These are only a few of the choices for countertops. You can also consider ceramic tile, recycled glass slab, butcher block, concrete, paper composition, Corian, and more. 

If all this seems overwhelming, don’t worry: this is why you hire an expert remodeling contractor! We have extensive experience working on all types of remodeling projects and materials, and we’ll help guide you to the right countertop choice to meet all your needs.

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