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Considering the Layout for a Bathroom Remodel

bathroom-rubble-for-remodelWe’ve often touched on the big topics of bathroom remodeling in Malibu, CA, such as how to enlarge a cramped bathroom to give it more space as well as the feeling of greater space. What we’re focusing on today is the bathroom layout, and this applies to any bathroom remodel.

Creating a layout means making effective use of the space so nothing goes to waste. If you’ve ever thought that there’s no such thing as a bathroom that’s “too big,” you haven’t seen some of the layout failures that can affect a remodel. A bathroom with large empty zones is inconvenient, and it can’t be remedied by moving in furniture, as in other rooms. A great bathroom redesign creates proper configurations between showers, tubs, toilets, sinks, storage, etc.

There’s No Perfect “Work Triangle” for a Bathroom

In kitchen remodeling, the key factor of the layout is the work triangle between sink, stove, and storage (i.e. refrigerator). This is the starting point for developing any great kitchen. Bathrooms don’t have a similar template that works in all cases. There’s more freedom, but also more confusion—yet another reason to always trust to an experienced professional remodeler.

Laying Out the Zones

For the layout of a bathroom, it’s best to think of various “zones” that have different jobs and how they can be best laid out given the space available. These zones include the toilet, the shower, the tub (if they are separate), the spa, and the counter and sink. The earliest step in the layout planning is determining which zones you’ll have. All bathrooms will have a toilet and sink, of course, but if you’re designing a luxury master bathroom, you’ll have options such as larger walk-in showers and spa baths, as well as dual sinks and vanity spaces.

As the layout phase begins, the toilet is usually the object to consider first. It’s crucial to the space, obviously, but it’s also not supposed to be the center of the design. Because of the plumbing needs of the toilet, in most remodels it’s restricted to one area.

Now it’s time to think about bathroom traffic: how many people are going to use this specific bathroom? How much counterspace will this require, and how much storage area? The more people who use the bathroom, the more area you need to store towels.

Consider how much space to place around the zones. Cramming in objects too close is a reason many bathrooms end up feeling cramped. Your remodeling expert can explain to you what the minimum space requirements are for sinks, showers, etc.

Don’t forget about ventilation! Because of the amount of water vapor inside a bathroom, the space needs ventilation to prevent mold and mildew developing. There’s also the danger of this water seeping down into the floors below and causing structural damage to the house. Yes, this is a part of bathroom remodeling that people often don’t consider. The layout for a bathroom must allow for the easiest ventilation of air and then have a vent system matched to draw out that much air and moisture.

When you work with our designers and builders, they’ll help you answer all the big and small questions about bathroom layout.

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