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3 Things to Consider Before a Room Addition

new-room-additionIt’s nice to be close to your family, but sometimes it’s nicer to get some space. Some people buy a new house when they’re looking for space, but that’s not for everyone. Maybe you love your home and the neighborhood you live in, or maybe you just don’t want to deal with a big move right now. You’re ready to add on a room addition though, or so you might think.

Don’t make your decision final until you’ve done all your research. We love being the choice contractors in Los Angeles for so many residents, but we don’t want anyone to make a decision without due diligence!

The Quality of Your Contractor

When taking on such a big project, many people first think about cost. It’s something that’s important to know about and to be prepared for, but it shouldn’t be the most important or your priority. If saving money is your biggest concern, you may want to take on a smaller project.

A contractor can make or break your room addition. We’ve seen people have to make major renovations within a few short years because a contractor did not properly install piping or even roofing. We’ve found major code violations in homes because a contractor attempted to take a shortcut to save some time, putting the family at risk.

When you work with someone unqualified for the job, you may end up spending a lot more than your bargained for. Your number one priority should be finding a contractor you trust, whose portfolio you admire, and who has references to back them up.

The Size of Your Budget

It’s important to know that your budget should be a bit flexible. Simply put, things come up. Your contractor’s estimate ahead of time is just that, an estimate. Sometimes, change orders must be made because you realize that something is not quite right. Often, a contractor finds that a pipe is damaged or that there is some safety risk or code violation that needs addressing first.

It may seem as though there’s not much else that could come up when adding a room, but you’d be surprised! A quality contractor will make sure there’s room in your budget, so you won’t have to halt in the middle of the job because you do not have the funds to go on.

Whether Your Expectations Are Reasonable

Many barriers to finding the right contractor or setting the right budget have to do with people’s expectations. You should realize that even if your team works full time to renovate your home and add in a room, it can take many months to get it right.

Of course, there are contractors who may promise unrealistic timelines, costs, and results. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! When you work with a trustworthy contractor, you know that they will give you an honest estimate and do their best to stick with it!

To get your room addition in Los Angeles, CA, contact the reliable, licensed and insured contractors at Advanced Builders & Contractors.

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