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The Conservatory: Things to Know About This Room Addition

remodeling-chairs-and-sunny-windowsThe word conservatory carries an air of sophistication. We often think of a conservatory as a type of music school. But a conservatory is also a kind of room in a home, one that originally developed in the 19th century as a way to bring in additional light to a part of the house and offer a space to more effectively grow plants indoors. The conservatory is still a popular option for a room addition that can take a standard home and give it the feeling a luxury mansion.

Why Consider a Conservatory Room Addition

A conservatory has some similarities to a sun room or an enclosed patio, but built on a larger scale, usually with mostly glass ceilings along with large windows. A conservatory extends directly from the side of the house and doesn’t need as much structural integration to the existing building, allowing for great freedom if you have the available property space.

A conservatory is ideal if you are interested in growing indoor plants and flowers, but you aren’t looking to develop a full greenhouse separate from the home. A conservatory can maintain a steady temperature with plenty of sunlight, and plants grown here aren’t subject to any extremes of weather. If you are interested in growing exotic breeds of flowers to add special color to your house, the conservatory gives you the best opportunity to use your green thumb in a controlled environment that’s actually a part of your home.

The conservatory combines the feeling of the outside patio with the convenience of an indoor room. You can decorate with any type of furniture or materials without worry, and you can pass between the outdoors and indoors as easily as moving from one room to the other. If you often entertain guests, the conservatory will soon become the most popular room in your home.

A Conservatory Addition Requires Special Design Planning

Where many other room additions require only copying the basic style of the house, a conservatory must have professional designers to match the addition to create a proper flow between styles. If you have a modern home, putting a classical Georgian style-conservatory will look jarring. There are many different conservatory styles available, and our experienced design/build team can help you select the one that will create the most natural add-on to your house.

Be Careful of These Conservatory Construction Pitfalls

Our design professionals can help you avoid mistakes homeowners often make with adding on conservatories and other room additions in Hidden Hills, CA. Some of these pitfalls include discounting proper temperature controls, not correctly matching the conservatory to the rest of the ground floor, failing to account for landscaping issues the new room may create, and not getting the necessary permits.

No matter what type of room addition you’re considering to improve your home today and give it a feeling of luxury, you can trust to our team of designers, architects, engineers, and builders to realize your vision.

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