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Choosing a Style for Your New House

new-construction-ABC-Los-AngelesWhen you decide to build your own home, you’ll face many exciting as well as intimidating challenges. Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest personal projects you can ever embark upon, and having the right general contractor in Woodland Hills, CA will take much of the weight off your shoulders. When you work with our team, we manage all the steps of new home construction, starting with the design phase and continuing through handling permits, ordering materials, arranging for construction, plumbing, electricity, etc. We don’t subcontract the work: everything is under one roof to make the process efficient and accurate so we can deliver the results you want.

But what results do you want? This is one of the most exciting parts of the process for you: finding the house style you want. One that fits your lifestyle and also matches the setting. Below are some of the more popular styles used in Southern California homes to get you started—and they certainly aren’t the limit!


Probably no home style is more strongly associated with Southern California than the Mediterranean style. This makes sense, as So. California weather and foliage is similar to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Courtyards, verandahs, stucco walls, tile roofs, wooden arches—there is a great feeling of being on vacation on the shores of Spain, but you’re still in your own home.  


Sounds a bit straightforward in name, but the modernist style of home is noticeable and popular in Southern California. It’s associated with large blocks and plain unadorned material, providing clean, straight lines made from chrome, glass, and steel. Some people find these homes on the colder side, while others find the look invigorating and enjoy how it can open up the interior of the house to the outside.


The Craftsman style is so popular today that it can almost seem like a fad. But it isn’t. The style has a long history, going back a century to the Arts and Crafts movement. These homes reject the more vertical style of Victorian houses and rely on horizontal lines and low-pitched roofs. Beams and rafters are often exposed. Their popularity in So. Cal makes them ideal for almost any location. 


This is one of the most instantly recognizable house styles, based on 16th-century English architecture, but modernized for the 21st century. Tudors have large gables, tall windows, timbering used as decor, and a general natural wood feeling. These homes have flexible layouts.


Usually a “ranch house” means a house with only one floor, but it’s a style that dates back to the 1930s and was part of the post-war building boom. This style may appear plain from the exterior, but that may be what you’re looking for. They are also excellent homes if you think you may want to add additions at some point in the future. 


If you are really looking for something “classic” or “Americana,” you may wish to consider a Colonial-style house. There are many sub-types and regional variants of colonial architecture (such as Dutch Colonial and German Colonial) and they can be built from wood or brick. There’s an immense amount of variety available if you want a house in this tried-and-true style.

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