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Choose Bright Colors for Your Bathroom Remodel

Looking for a change for your bathroom this year? You don’t have to go with the status quo. Many bathroom designs include bland décor and white walls that can be relaxing to some but boring for others. If you’re looking for a brightly-colored makeover, we’ve got some suggestions!

Shower Curtains and Drapes

A large accent piece that really ties the room together, your shower curtain can make a statement. Choose fun colors that match the tiling in your bathroom, or make it completely separate from the bathroom theme for a bold look. And if you have a shower door instead of the curtain, window curtains can serve the same purpose.

Mosaic Patterns for Your Tiles

We’ve seen homeowners and contractors get very creative with tile design. If you’re using small square tiles in the shower or above the sink, there are no limits to how you can arrange them. You can use bright colors for a classic checkerboard look, or create seemingly pixelated images or monograms.

Plants Add Color to the Room

Nothing adds color and makes you feel relaxed quite like a houseplant. Adding a couple of low-maintenance plants to your bathroom can give you just the color boost you need to give you energy and make your bathroom feel more lively—literally.

Our recommendation: A pothos plant (Epipremnum aureum) is the perfect houseplant, even for those who tend to kill houseplants!

Paint the Room

You can always paint the room if you want your bathroom to look unique. Typical remodeling advice will say that light colors brighten up the space and make a small bathroom feel bigger. But if you have a color scheme in mind and good lighting, do what you want!

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