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Buying a New Home vs. Remodeling

You’re starting to grow tired of your home. Maybe you feel as though there isn’t enough space for you to do things you enjoy. Or perhaps you’re just tired of the same old look and feel.

Are you wondering if you should remodel your home or buy a new one? Do you seriously need another bedroom? Is your kitchen falling apart or stuck in the 50’s? We know how hard it can be to make this decision, especially in this very poor economy.

Buying or building a new home might seem like a fun change, but this is your home! We want to give you some reasons to improve upon what you have instead, especially if buying this new home could be a financial risk.

Below, you will find four more reasons why remodeling is your best bet.

  • Materials Are Cheaper – Building a home can be exciting, but think of all the time and money that goes into assembling the building materials. The building materials for a smaller remodel or home renovation will be cheaper, since the base is the structure of your home.
  • Save Money on Utility Costs – A remodel can do more than give your home a unique style. You can finally upgrade your fixtures and appliances for energy efficiency and a lessened environmental footprint.
  • Home Remodeling Saves Money over New Home Purchase – Of course, remodeling a home will cost less overall than building a brand new one.
  • It’s Your Home! Your family and you have plenty of memories here. Why not preserve these and the structure you’ve cherished for years now? Adding on space with a renovation is time consuming, but worth it for the extra years you get to spend in your family’s home.

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