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The Bump-Out: The Small Room Addition That Can Make a Big Difference

family-before-bay-windowRemodeling a home is a big task, no question about it. Even when you work with the best contractor you can find who will smooth out the process and ensure that you receive the results you want, a large amount of time must go into the remodeling work. So even if you’re looking for some changes to your home, such as a bit more space, you may not yet want to invest in something as extensive as room additions in Los Angeles, CA.

However, you can go smaller with what are called “micro-additions.” These additions may be small, but the difference they make can often be enormous. One such micro-addition that can take the place of a full room addition is the bump-out.

What Is a Bump-Out?

It’s an addition to an existing room that extends part of the wall out. It’s cantilevered and floats above the outside ground. It’s like creating a new bay window space that protrudes outward from the floorplan and increases the footprint of the room. Because it’s cantilevered, as bump-out doesn’t need to connect to the foundation, which reduces the construction work necessary and lowers the cost compared to a complete room addition. It also preserves the ground outside the home, which is often an important consideration.

A bump-out increases the space of a room, but it also creates a larger sense of space: it does more work than just the physical expansion. If planned right, a bump-out can enormously benefit the function of the room. Here are some examples.

  • A bump-out in a bathroom is a way to add in a larger, luxury-sized bath or shower. It can even provide space for a spa-style bath or a Jacuzzi.
  • The home-theater enthusiast can use a bump-out in a living room to provide space to set a large screen, speakers, shelving, and hide all the necessary wiring. If you’ve wanted the best possible home entertainment system but don’t have a separate room you can dedicate to it, the bump-out makes it possible to use the space already available to you.
  • Is the eating space in the kitchen too small? With a bump-out, you can have a fabulous breakfast nook that allows in more light. You can have bump-outs in the kitchen to give greater counter space and also allow more light into the working area, or to make more room for cabinets or add an island.
  • Bump-outs work for upper floors as well as lower floors. You can put in a beautiful window seat in one of the bedrooms.

We Can Handle These Micro-Additions

There are plenty of ways you can use a bump-out to make your house more convenient and beautiful—as well as increase its value. A bump-out is itself a value, much less expensive and time-consuming than a complete room addition. Speak to our building contractors today to learn how we can make micro-additions to your house that will make a big difference.

Find out more about what we can do when it comes to room additions and other home remodeling services. Advanced Builders & Contractors has served Los Angeles for 14 years.

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