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Building a New Home Without Ductwork? Here Are Reasons to Consider It

ductless-mini-split-in-roomYou are thinking about new home construction, and plans have formed in your head about what you want the final results to look like. But have you thought about the ductwork for the house? It’s not often an early consideration, but we have a proposal to think about: build a house that doesn’t have ducts. 

Sounds odd to you? Impossible? Or pointless? We’re glad to tell you that a home built without ducts is not only possible, it comes with many benefits.

How Can You Have a California Home Without Ducts?

We know what your first thoughts were when we suggested constructing new house without space for ducts: “How can I keep my house cool effectively? I don’t want to use window AC units!” (You may also have wondered about central heating, but keeping cool almost certainly popped into your head first.) 

The answer is a simple one: use a ductless mini split heat pump. These HVAC systems are popular in Europe and Japan and have made major inroads in the US, principally in commercial spaces. But they work great for homes as well. 

A ductless mini split resembles a standard heat pump with an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit that sends out conditioned air. Rather than a single indoor unit hooked up to ducts to distribute the heated and cooled air, there are multiple smaller indoor units mounted on the walls of rooms. The conditioned air goes directly into the living spaces—you don’t need any ducts, only a bit of space high up on the wall.

The Benefits of Building a Duct-Free Home

Now you know how to achieve new home construction in Brentwood, CA that still lets you enjoy great comfort throughout it. But why consider this in the first place? Here are a few reasons:

  • You have more space to use in the house. Ductwork consumes quite a bit of square footage because it needs to fit into walls. You can reclaim that space for actual living.
  • Without the space taken up with ducts, you’ll have more freedom of design for the house. 
  • Ductless house construction goes faster.
  • Ductless mini split heat pumps give your house automatic zone control: you only need to heat and cool the rooms that require it because you can shut off the individual HVAC units in the rooms. Standard ducted systems send heating and cooling to all rooms, no matter if they’re in use or not.
  • A ductless system consumes less energy on average than ducted ones because they don’t have heat loss or heat gain through duct walls.
  • Your house will enjoy superior indoor air quality because the circulated air won’t keep picking up the dust and dander that collects inside ductwork.

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