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Building a New Home? Don’t Do This!

You’re building the home of your dreams, so you don’t want to find yourself with regrets three or four months into your homeownership. When you are planning construction on your new home, hire quality contractors whose work you admire, and make sure that you don’t make the following mistakes!

Having Too Few Ideas to Give Your Contractors

A good contractor is always open to giving you helpful advice and helping you to find a layout that works for your home’s needs. However, you don’t want to leave too many decisions up to the contractor when you are building a home that you plan to stay in for many years to come. Write down any ideas that come to mind; you may want to keep a pen and notepad handy at all times in the early planning stages. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and emphasize your top priorities throughout the process.

Skipping over the “Minor” Details

Too many homeowners skip over what may seem like “minor” details in the early planning stages, like lighting and the placement of ducts, heating and cooling equipment, sinks, and electrical outlets. But you want to make sure that the home has adequate ventilation, plenty of outlets, and all of the other “minor” details that make your life more convenient and the space more comfortable.

Letting Others Make Decisions about Flooring, Countertops, and Cabinetry

You may assume that these will fall into place as the job progresses, but we recommend doing all of the research possible and making decisions before construction begins on your new home. You probably have some idea of the types of floors or countertops you want, but now is the time to compare prices and let your contractor know about your ideas. Get the placement and materials correct now to avoid further hassle and renovation later on.

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