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The Best Shower Ideas for Small Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom-small-showerThat small bathroom is a welcome part of your home, because without it, more family members and guests would be sharing bathrooms elsewhere. But when it’s time to remodel, you may feel limited by its small space. This is particularly true when it comes to the shower. While you may wish all of the showers throughout the home were spacious and comfortable, you may need to compromise.

However, this compromise may not be as serious as you think. In fact, you might end up loving it more than you’d realize. Here are our tips for the best ideas of what to do with the shower in a small bathroom as you remodel.

Rethink the Tub

Is it worth having a bathtub in a space that already feels tight? Bathtubs have thick walls, and since they are opaque, they certainly have a way of closing up the space. Whether or not it’s a part of your shower, a bathtub feels obtrusive in a small space, a barrier you have to pass through to get to the shower.

Besides, most bathrooms don’t actually need a bathtub. You may have one somewhere else in the home already. Even if you don’t: do you need a bathtub that only gets used once in a blue moon? If you don’t have children or people with special needs in the home, it’s time to consider ditching the tub.

Go for Walk-in Showers with Glass Doors

A walk-in shower with glass doors is typically the best bet for a small bathroom. The glass door opens up the space, as opposed to a shower curtain that can make you feel a bit claustrophobic. You can choose frosted glass for some privacy that still allows in the light.

You can choose a walk-in shower that blurs the lines between where the bathroom ends and the shower begins, or you can make your shower a focal point, providing something to draw the eye to through the shower door with a unique design your guests will love.

Angle a Shower in the Corner

You can get creative with the space for your shower, aligning it longways with the bathroom or fitting it underneath an eave or some other architectural feature.

One of our favorite ways to play with the angles in the bathroom is to install the shower in a corner. A neo-angled shower base can provide plenty of elbow room without feeling too intrusive.

Reduce Space Elsewhere in the Bathroom

Finally, if you’re trying to squeeze a shower you love into a small bathroom, you’re going to have a harder time doing so if you have lots of other fixtures in the way.

You may have to go with a smaller vanity or even a pedestal sink. You might have to find a creative position for the toilet (assuming you have enough space in front of it to stay up to code). You will just have to prioritize what’s important to you.

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